Summer Sangria! (and a very special announcement)

It’s my 400th post!!!!partybrandiWell, who the hell ever thought I’d get this far? Not me! For my 400th post, I wanted it to be a very special post.

And it IS a very special post!

But first, let’s get a little recipe out of the way. This is my Super Summer Sangria. Which I also turned into a Super Summer Sangria Punch for my Pork Pie Potluck (because we all know how much I love a good punch).

white sangriaSuper Summer Sangria Punch

  • Cheap Jug White Wine
  • 2 sliced lemons
  • 2 sliced oranges
  • Juice from 2 oranges
  • 2 liter bottle of diet Ginger Ale
  • Brandy
  • Sliced mango (if you’re feeling frisky)

Put orange slices, lemons slices, and the orange juice in the bottom of a punch bowl. Add whatever is left in the bottle of brandy you have in the back of your liquor cabinet and muddle it just a wee bit. Fill the rest of the bowl half way with diet ginger ale and the other half with the cheapy jug wine. And then maybe add some ice rings you made with slices of lemon, orange, and mango. Throw in the remainder of the mango into the bowl. 

Summer Sangria Punch

summersangriaAs the night progresses, and your alcoholic party goers imbibe, refill the punch bowl as needed with whatever you have left. That could be more fruit! More ice rings! Something sparkling! Rose? A bit of Random Lillet! Sherry? WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES! Shit, throw in some grapes. Got lime? Pineapple juice? Fuck yeah!

But the easiest, simplest version is with things that you probably have on hand most evenings (or at least I do): white wine, diet ginger ale, bottled orange juice, and lemon slices. Perfect to throw together for unexpected guests (or just one, big lush).

OK, so let’s now get to the most important part of this post!

I’ve been lax on the posting because I got a promotion at work (adjustment phase). And because I went away for the 4th of July (see last post).  But mostly because of this: I adopted another cat.

Click through and let me introduce you to the newest resident of DiS! headquarters….



Margot! There is fabulousity in that silent T, I tell ya!

Although there was a brief moment when I wanted to name her Mothra because of her coloring.  And because sometimes she looks like Mothra’s cocoon.

Mothra and cocoon:



But I went with Margot in honor of one of Miss Bette Davis’ best roles, Margot Channing. And in honor of one of my other fave actresses, Margot Kidder. And because there is a Margot on one of my favorite TV shows, Hannibal. And, I recently remembered that I played a cheerleader named Margot back in high school during a production of Flight Into Danger! Fun fact: The plot to Flight Into Danger was the inspiration for Airplane.

But anyhoo, ain’t Margot a looker? I had to get a pretty cat. Because Brian is such a handsome boy. And, like my boy Brian, the Resting Bitch Face is strong with this one. Although that could be attributed to the fact that she’s been fighting an eye infection and kinda always has stink-eye:

Margot & Brian

Just like Margot Channing:


But so far so good! Margot and Brian have been getting along reasonably well.

I thought that the photo of them on the bed proved how good I was at integrating a new pet into the house. I have been asked “what have you done to get them get along so quickly?”

What a good cat parent I am! 

But then, on Facebook, my friend Hilary, who I used to twirl with in high school (DON’T JUDGE ME), noted that it looked less like they were getting along, but more like they were plotting my demise.

Two of them. One of me. They might kill me in my sleep. But in the meantime, everything’s good!

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5 Responses to Summer Sangria! (and a very special announcement)

  1. Kari says:

    Awww, congrats on the new kitteh! She is adorable, especially in her cocoon pose. 🙂 I have two cats and I’m not sure they really like each other, but they are willing to be near each other while plotting my next “accident”.

  2. Heather says:

    Woo hoo! This blog needs more cats (though, what blog doesn’t?!) Love that expansive belly picture. Congrats on the new family member!

  3. Eat The Blog says:

    They’re waiting for you to leave because they know where the sardines are. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I’m sure Margot will be very happy she was adopted by someone that cooks.

  4. missrose10 says:

    YES! You are one cat closer to the crazy cat lady club! WELCOME! She is a lovely girl and you are doing well. Mine have been together for 7 years and it has to be frostbite cold for them to get that close. But my Teeny is a bitch so my Jazz man had no change. Congrats on the baby girl! And just remember to feed them and they will never eat your face.

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