Wiener Wednesday: Banana Wobbler

Oh. My. Gawd. What does one do when National Jell-O Week collides with Wiener Wednesday? Well, if I had known that this was National Jell-O Week, I would  have a frankfurter mold for you right now. But instead I have this dish, the selection of which was a happy accident.

From the Joys of Jell-O (1981 edition), I bring you Banana Wobbler!

1980s Joys of Jell-Obanana wobbler recipe

Well, I had all the ingredients in my kitchen. so WIN. But I didn’t have any small cans–and what size is that, anyway? Tomato paste? Pineapple juice? Regardless, I didn’t have any of those so I used what I did have on hand. And that was a Crystal Light tube. Since it was more than twice the size of one of those little cans I put in a whole banana with the Jell-O instead of just portions.

banana wobbler fixins

Oh, the issues with this dish! First of all, my gelatin chilled past the “thickened” stage. And second, as soon as I started to set up my Banana Wobbler–well, just look at the photos:

DSCF4955[1]DSCF4956[1] banana wobbler!

Now, that is, without a doubt, the most phallic dish I have ever made. And this is coming from a girl who observes Wiener Wednesday every week!

I mean, sweet Christ on a cracker! Could that look any more like a (insert your penis euphemisum of choice here) in formaldehyde?

But anyhoo, after a night in the refrigerator, this was the result:

banana wobbler banana wobbler in water

banana wobbler out of moldcut banana wobbler

There it is–a gelatin-ensconced banana. I am so surprised that it actually worked and came out of the canister in one piece.  How was it? Not good. But that’s because cherry Jell-O tastes like Robitussin to me. I would have used Strawberry in this recipe, but they no longer carry Strawberry Jell-O at my Safeway. Now, tell me if I’m crazy, but isn’t Strawberry the default/go-to Jell-O flavor?

Whatever. If this was strawberry, I may have eaten some of it. As is, my wobbly banana went bye-bye! straight into the trash.

As an end note, it is soooooo apropos that during National Jell-O Week, the divine RuPaul would release the official video to her latest tune Peanut Butter. To quote the queen of all queens: Must be jelly ‘cuz jam don’t shake! (or in this case, Jell-O). Here is a video that really captures the spirit of the Banana Wobbler–with numerous nods to Wiener Wednesday:

Warning! This is BSFW. That’s Barely Safe For Work. Furthermore, do not watch the video if you have an issue with any of the following:

  • wigs
  • ass shaking
  • splits
  • badonkadonk
  • underpants
  • floor humping
  • manscaping
  • leg warmers
  • droppin’ it like it’s hot
  • and/or are allergic to peanuts.

Secondary warning: this song is a goddamned earworm. Listen at your own risk. It’s been stuck in my head for at least 12 hours. But I think it’s absolutely fabulous.

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0 Responses to Wiener Wednesday: Banana Wobbler

  1. never make eye contact while eating a banana. or a corn dog.

  2. spitfire6 says:

    What in the name of sweet baby cheeses!

    I just had a steak salad for lunch, but I’m kinda hungry for a PB&J, also I feel dirty.

  3. Was there a bizarre sense of pleasure when you Lorena Bobbitted the wobbler? And I know you didn’t ask, but my go-to euphemism is schlong.

  4. Oh my goodness. RuPaul is taking me right back to 1990. This video reminds me of Adam Ant’s “Rough Stuff.” Providing link in case you’re not an Adam Ant aficionado: I love Adam Ant, but this song is sooo bad!

    The banana/Jell-O thing looks horrifying. Very naughty lab specimen. I totally applaud your willingness to try it, though!

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  6. This made me laugh almost as much as the post where you had to deal with that massive TONGUE. i must send you the recipe for Fred MacMurray’s Lime Gelatine with Peanuts, Carrots and Olives. There is a photo of me pretending to be Gloria Swanson at my Sunset Boulevard party holding my rabbit shaped version of it here if you can bear it:

    Regarding Adam and the Ants – my first ever gig was Siouxsie and the Banshees and my second was Adam and the Ants. The passage of time makes that sound quite cool.

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