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Emily’s Star Market Guacamole

Hey kittens! I know that I’ve been AWOL this week. But things have been super-busy at work and I’ve just been a little social butterfly. Since we last kiki’ed: Mr. Buckeye and I went out on Saturday night to imbibe … Continue reading

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Wiener Wednesday: Chihuahua

Hola! Welcome to Wiener Wednesdays, my darlings! I’ve had guests for the past 2 weekends so I really haven’t had time to cook (faux McRib notwithstanding). I haven’t had time to grocery shop, either. So for this week’s Wiener Wednesday … Continue reading

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Lessons in Leftovers: Korean Beef Tacos & Prime Rib Fajitas

Inspired by both a Cooking Light recipe and my recent visit to Honey Pig Korean BBQ (gosh, do I love Korean food), I used some of my leftover prime rib from The Prime Rib to make Korean Beef Tacos. I thinly … Continue reading

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