Twin Peaks Eats: Jerry Horne’s Legendary Smoked Cheese Pig

Tonight is the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return. And I am super-stoked, but also extra tired because I just spent the last two days making smoked cheese pigs and then editing a video about them.

Please, check ’em out.

Make it worth it for me.

(although they are tasty and I did cold-smoke in my high-rise apartment building)

So there’s that.


I’m gonna have a Bloody Mary and then go take a nap with the cats.


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3 Responses to Twin Peaks Eats: Jerry Horne’s Legendary Smoked Cheese Pig

  1. Poppy says:

    Those are adorable, and they sound so good. I love smoked cheese! Still haven’t watched “Twin Peaks” though. So many people whose taste I admire really love it, but I tried watching a few episodes of the original series and couldn’t get into it. I just can’t get too invested in teenage drama.

  2. Miss Rose says:

    We have all the Twin Peaks saved and ready to binge watch. This is the beauty of the DVR. I couldn’t handle all that weirdness one week at a time. I don’t have the memories skills to remember what happen from one week to the next so I decided to just record them all and watch them next week. Please tell me you put those over a baguette smeared with butter.

    • yinzerella says:

      The thing that I loved most about this is that you couldn’t binge watch it!
      Like Mad Men, you had a whole week to ruminate and speculate and just sit with it.
      I think that it may be something to binge and binge greatly.
      Let me know what your thoughts are when you watch it!

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