PIEATHALON 4: Betty Crocker’s Chicken-Sausage Pies (1965)



Yes, for the 4th year my food blogger friends and I exchanged pie recipes and got baking! (click here to see pies of years past)

Except I didn’t exchange recipes. There was a mix up with people being left off and then dropped out and then back in. (I really wasn’t the best coordinator this time around) So I picked something from my own collection. This gem from 1965:

This was sent to me from Facebook fan Erika. Super-thanks!!!

I am in love with this one. I mean, what’s better than that gorgeous kelly green? Maybe that there are more than 250 delicious one dish meals!

Casseroles, meat pies, stews, soups, skillet specials, and full-meal salads and sandwiches. Everyone of these ‘kitchen-gested” recipes has been specially designed to fit into today’s pattern of streamlined meal planning and simplified table service.

I need some streamlined shit in my life right now, believe me.

Anyhoo, this is Chicken-Sausage Pie!

I picked this specifically for two items I found particularly intriguing:

  1. “topped with Chicken Littles”
  2. “surprise of hot fruit”

Now, I don’t want to call out Betty Crocker–but I’m totally going to call out Betty Crocker– this recipe doesn’t belong in a cookbook called Dinner in a Dish.Β It markets itself as a book full of one-dish meals. This called for SIX individual casseroles (4 of which I had to buy through Amazon).

cooked chicken, tiny Bob Evans sausage balls, and that surprise of hot fruit–canned peach halves

To make the dough I followed the above recipe. But I used my stand mixer and did sub butter for the shortening, because they don’t carry shortening nor lard at Trader Joe’s.

To my surprise, it worked out quite well. You see, I have a checkered past when it comes to pastry.

Here’s how to make those intriguing Chicken Littles:

I also bought a chicken-shaped cookie cutter (thanks, Amazon!) for the occasion as well.

Oh! The occasion was also the 4th of July. I dunno, chicken pot pie screams AMERICAN, amiright?

Here they are:


(yes, I totally went there).

I think I did pretty well with my recreation.

And that hot fruit surprise? Surprisingly good. Well played, Ms. Crocker.

Now, go check out some hot Pieathalon action from all across the web!



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16 Responses to PIEATHALON 4: Betty Crocker’s Chicken-Sausage Pies (1965)

  1. teresa says:

    Those look delicious! It’s actually national fried chicken day, but I won’t tell if make it another day.

  2. Greg Swenson says:

    The Chicken Little’s are beyond adorable! It’s hard to imagine the hot peaches with chicken and sausage, but I’ll have to take your word on it. Sadly, I don’t have a chicken-shaped cookie cutter, so I won’t be making this pie…lol

    Thanks for all your efforts in putting together the 4th annual Pieathalon! It was great fun! Looking forward to seeing all the other amazing creations…

  3. S S says:

    Wait, chicken and canned peaches works? I’ve got to try this for myself. Also, am I the only one who finds naming the pie crust recipe “Standard Pastry” oddly amusing?
    Thank you for organizing the Pieathlon, this year was awesome!

  4. phairhead says:

    I have that book & I made that pie. Except I didn’t make my own crust & I didn’t bother w/ the chicken little. I cheater retro recipe chef πŸ˜‰

    • yinzerella says:

      It’s a pretty good cookbook. I am intrigued by the tuna curry pinwheel thing.

      (I don’t blame you for not making your own crust)

  5. Mum says:

    They are the prettiest little things I have ever seen!!

  6. Poppy says:

    When I saw that it was supposed to have fruit, I thought it would be fruit cocktail. Canned peaches were a pretty popular addition, too, though, so I should have seen that coming.

    I love the link to the “Team America” song! We sing that at my house whenever we have the slightest excuse.

    Thank you for organizing this!

    • yinzerella says:

      My pleasure! Pieathalon is one of the happiest times of the year! Thanks for participating again !!!

  7. Keri says:

    I love the chicken toppers!

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  9. Taryn says:

    The chicken littles are adorable! I am totally going to buy a chicken cookie cutter and ad them to every chicken pie I make! I might leave out the peaches though.
    Thanks for organising; it is always so much fun to be a part of this! xxx

  10. I want a chicken shaped cookie cutter. Definitely. These look soooooo cute and although every chicken pie I’ve ever made has been a pain in the butt to construct, they always taste so good. You are an inspiration Yinzerella and you are right, Pieathalon time always IS one of the happiest times of the year. Knoxapocalypse time? Not so much… Thanks for organising this, loads of fun xx

  11. Hermione says:

    Lost it at the “cluck, yeah”

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