Bette Davis’ Red Flannel Hash

Hello, kittens!

Here’s a quickie right before tonight’s episode of FEUD: Bette & Joan.

This time I took a page out of Bette Davis’ cookbook–not that there is one, like Joan’s. (Remember! You can win a copy of Cooking With Joan Crawford, complied by Jenny Hammerton by entering the sweepstakes HERE).

But here’s Bette’s Red Flannel Hash, in her own words and in her own handwriting:

Found this on pinterest

Why did I choose this one? Because I had mounds and mounds of leftovers from this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef & Cabbage, which I make every March.

So I just chopped up some of the beef and picked out the potatoes and the beets, put it in a skillet and browned it.

There ya have it!

Fun fact: this the first poached egg I’ve ever attempted. How, pray tell, is that possible after 6 years of Dinner Is Served? Who knows!

My egg was quasi-successful. As you can see, I over-cooked it. BUT! Now I know that I could make one again and make it right.

But how was the hash, you ask?

It was delicious. And I highly recommend it for the next time you have leftover corned beef dinner.

So score one for Bette.

Enjoy episode 3 tonight, everybody!

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4 Responses to Bette Davis’ Red Flannel Hash

  1. Mum says:

    This looks delicious to me. Sadly, I never make corned beef.

  2. Gary Elgin says:

    I could make this, as long as the beets were roasted (either on a grill or in the oven) with a little EVOO and herbs first, then added last, so as to not bleed too much. Roasting, gives beets an out of this world flavor!

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