128. Toasted Tuna Sandwiches

We’re gonna keep on keepin’ on with another selection from the Dinner is Served! 1973 series!

And it’s one that, if you were snowed in your house today, you most likely have all of the necessary ingredients on hand.

Especially if you’re one of those folks who hit the grocery store at the slightest hint of snow and buy all of the milk and all of the bread and all of the eggs.

And non-perishables! Don’t forget your canned goods. I bet those people always buy canned tuna.

So here’s a tuna sandwich fit for a snow day:


OK, so let’s get this started.

This seems like a pretty good tuna salad because there is a lot of stuff in it–celery, pepper, relish, lemon juice, mayo and cheese. The addition of cheese is key. Everything is better with cheese, amiright?

The thing that makes this tuna sandwich different is that it has a whole three-step process to make the sandwich. Making the sandwich, dipping the sandwich into an egg mix, and then putting the sammy on the skillet.

This sandwich was an epiphany of sorts for me because I really love grilled cheese sandwiches–you know the kind–white bread and American (FAKE) cheese. They are, like, my most favorite hungover-the-next-day comfort food. Paired with dill pickles and potato chips.

However, when I make grilled cheese, I inevitably get one side all kinds of burnt and the other side completely under-cooked. But this–THIS method–seems fool-proof. It’s like savory french toast with whatever sort of filling your little heart desires.

Now who knew that this method would result in an almost perfect grilled-type sandwich?

Like I said, I typically desire slices of cheese that are individually wrapped in plastic, but it’s pretty damn good with this tuna/cheese mixture, too!

Especially surprising because “tuna-cheese” always makes me go to this BAD PLACE. Truly, truly a bad place.

Monday night at about 6:30 I asked some friends to predict which one of these porch roofs would come down first during the storm:

24 hours later the answer is….

NEITHER! The snow was kind of a bust. But we did end up with a lot of ice (poor shrub).

Between the two photos, I can’t quite tell how much more damage has happened, but right now it’s lightly snowing, quite windy and it’s cooling down again, so the existing, melting snow, is gonna become big icicles.

I will keep you updated.

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9 Responses to 128. Toasted Tuna Sandwiches

  1. What? No cocktail on a snow day?

  2. Manon says:

    The snowstorm is here – Sept-Iles, Québec, quite far from your place I guess – the school has been cancelled and I won’t go to work either. The tuna sandwich is the perfect lunch idea for me even though it’s just 6 in the morning!
    I’ll go take my coffee and wait for noon.
    Have a great day and thanks for the suggestion! I love 1973, the year of my little Boler.

    • yinzerella says:

      We’re all back at work again here in Baltimore, but at least we had a 2 hour delay!
      Please let me know if you make the sandwiches and how they turn out 🙂

      • Manon says:

        At last, here’s my answer: I loved it! I was worried that all the stuff would go out and I did have to put some of it back inside when I flipped the sandwich, but it was worth the trouble.
        I adapted the recipe just for me, but thinking and writing about it, I wish I would have made extras so I could go get some more even at 10 PM!
        I posted the picture on your FB page.

  3. Suzanne Simmons says:

    You really just had strawberries just laying around in that kind of weather? Also, I’m with SSS, leave the milk in the store & stock up on martini makings! BUT, the sammies look awesome and I’m going to make them sometime soon. Kiss Brian & Margot for me!

    • yinzerella says:

      The strawberries were frozen 🙂
      Yes, let me know if you make them–and I will send your regards Brian and Margot!

  4. The4thStooge says:

    Cheese in tuna fixins. That doesn’t sound too bad–a good pepper jack would have enough fat “feel” that I could use less mayonnaise, which is truly Satan’s favorite condiment. Thanks, WENDY’S! You put so much mayo on a burger that even when I TOLD YOU NO MAYO, you still gave me mayo! Not horseradish mayo, or whatever that weird ass mayo is that they put on Panera’s Bacon Turkey Bravos, but the assiest of mayos…plain ol’ mayo! (Can you tell I hate mayo? It’s only because you can’t make an all mustard tuna salad w/o your salivary glands crying for mercy that I tolerate it at all.)

    Glad it wasn’t the “Storm of the Century!”

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