Jo Funkhouser’s Punch (1966)

It’s been a while. Because I’ve been super-busy.

And maybe because everything just went to shit!

In the first part of November Brian and Margot got fleas. The fleas then somehow turned into Brian peeing on things. This is basically what my house looked like for a good part of last month:

It was a fucking war zone.

All I did was vacuum and do laundry for about two weeks.

So then I hosted my parents for Thanksgiving, which was nice. But the holidays can be stressful, amiright? Throw in there that Mr. Kinsey and I kinda got back together and then totally got un-together,  and that November is the busiest month of the year for me work-wise, and that the fleas were never REALLY gone so I had my house bug-bombed for both the fleas and the assorted insects that are coming over from the vacant house next door–it’s been a bit much.

Also, even though the bug-bomb happened, the fleas came back. And Brian started peeing on things again. So for almost a week I was sleeping on in the guest bedroom (because he was peeing on my bed!). And doing so much laundry.

Anyway, I went to get a massage earlier this week because my neck was so sore–the masseur said that he’s never seen such tight shoulders!–so I guess I’m a wee bit stressed.

That could explain why I’m drinking like THIS.

BUT! I did throw a party for the Mayor’s Christmas Parade two weekends ago!

Here I am, drink and American flag in hand, so, so, so excited for Darth Santa to appear!

And for my party I made Jo Funkhouser’s Punch.

It is from the Recipes That Please Cook Book compiled by the St. Alphonsus Mothers’ Club of Springdale, PA (1966)

punch recipe

DSCN2472[1]I did make a few changes (of course). Frozen lemon juice? Is that a thing? I dunno. I used a can of lemonade. I had canned pineapple juice so I used that and not frozen. Also, they don’t have frozen pineapple juice at the Safeway.

You know what else they didn’t have? FROZEN STRAWBERRIES. So raspberries were the next best thing.


Oh, and I put mandarin oranges instead of grapefruit because I can’t have grapefruit.

The end result:

Funkhouser Punch

Santa & Liberace approve!

Ok, Jo Funkouser, this did not make 50 servings. I kept dumping in ginger ale and vodka, but this didn’t make 50 servings. And we were drinking from punch-sized cups.

But, it was a decent punch, so right on.

Oh, and there is one good thing that has come out of the flea disaster–Margot and Brian are all snuggly. Surprise! Holiday miracle!

snuggle buddies.jpg

But even more bizarre: Margot likes to clean Brian and he totally zones out.


Last night I think she was trying to eat his ear.

OK, one more pic from my parade party:
christmas parade.jpg

Yes, I am that short.

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11 Responses to Jo Funkhouser’s Punch (1966)

  1. Alexandra Evans says:

    Ummm, “optional” on vodka? WHY would you drink this if there wasnt’ any vodka in it? I bet it was good.

  2. sixdegreesofstoogeration says:

    Man, oh MAN! Never has grapefruit looked soooo juicy and tempting until I cannot have it! They were handing out free samples (of course!) at the supermarket, and all I wanted to do was bum rush the little old sample lady and scarf down ALL the grapefruit. WHY MUST SO MANY MEDICINES HATE GRAPEFRUIT?!

    Also: yay! for getting rid of the fleas!

    • yinzerella says:

      I’m not really missing it. Although every once in a while I would enjoy a good Greyhound at LeMardi Gras in Pittsburgh because they would squeeze the juice right there in front of you.
      I hope that the flea debacle is finally over and will never come back. Yesterday I got the cats their next dose of Advantage. Gotta keep these fuckers at bay.

  3. That Nicolas Cage glass is super cool. I wonder if I can get one with Ricky Whittle on it?

    I never thought of you as short. What a revelation that photo is. The interweb makes you look TALL!

  4. Suzanne Simmons says:

    What does Jo mean “vodka if desired?” Hell yeah, desired!!! I’m becoming a holiday lush myself, don’t feel bad. I don’t know what to tell you about M & B but they look adorable all snuggly!!

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