Playboy’s Classic Champagne Cocktail

I’m still on vacation. I’m still chillaxing and enjoying the fact that I am done with the 1972 cards.

I’m celebrating, bitches.

And what is more celebratory than a little champs?


Enter Playboy’s Host & Bar Book by Thomas Mario (1971 edition)


And the recipe for the Classic Champagne Cocktail.

Playboy Champagne Cocktail

A little bubbles, a little bitters, a little lemon and boom:
champagne cocktailYou can see how the sugar just kinda floated to the bottom. It needed more than just the carbonation of the sparking wine to mix up the sugar and bitters. But whatever. A sugar cube would have worked much better.

This wasn’t terribly fancy, but I love anything bubbles, and this was no exception.

I now want to revisit the book and make every single champagne cocktail that Playboy and Thomas have to offer.

But before I do that, I want to start the 1973 cards. And for me to crack open the 1973 set sooner rather than later, why not visit my Patreon page to help get the ball rolling?

brian kills


I’m already a over a third of the way to my monthly goal (thank you, kittens!)!  If I hit that, well, then there will REALLY be a reason to bust out some more champagne cocktails!

And this. I will bust out this:


Look at that fucker. There are no words.

Except maybe for barf.


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  1. missrose10 says:

    It’s bad enough that Ring of Gold sounds like a very messy sex act.

  2. H.L. Shepler says:

    I’ve never had one of those! I’ll have to try it someday. My favorite is champagne and Chambord. I have it every New Year’s/any time there’s an excuse honestly.

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