Liza Minnelli’s Potato Shells (1970)

Happy Birthday, Liza!

On March 12, Liza With a Z! will turn 70. Seventy!!!

To celebrate one of DiS!’s most favorite-ist people ever, I whipped up LIZA MINELLI’S POTATOE SHELLS.


You’re missing something at the end there, kiddo.

Yes, potatoe shells.

I first found the recipe online from the April 9, 1970 edition of the Victoria Advocate. They misspelled her name. Do they spell potato with an ‘e’ in Australia??? You can read the entire article HERE. The article was written by Johna Blinn, who had a syndicated newspaper column called Celebrity Cookbook.

But instead of sharing with you the newspaper version, here it is from Johna Blinn’s Celebrity Cookbook, a 500+ page whopper of a cookbook which I received in the mail yesterday!

celebrity cookbook

Sadly, most of the celebrities in it are dead now.

I have wanted this one for a while–I found it for under $3 online. So I was shocked when it arrived and it was the size of a phonebook. And filled with a ton of illustrations. Here’s Liza in her NYC apartment with her dog:

liza drawing

When I think of Liza, guitars and dogs do not come to mind.

I made these for the premiere of the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Because of course I did. And had some friends over for the occasion.

And here’s the recipe (with all the words spelled correctly):


 The secret ingredient is vodka! 

Rick joked that the vodka became an ingredient because Liza accidentally spilled some of her cocktail on them and just went with it. It’s what I would do!

So here they are:

liza's potato shells

They might not look like much, but they were delicious.

And I can see that these would be great as a twice-baked potato as well.

Well played, Miss Minnelli.


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2 Responses to Liza Minnelli’s Potato Shells (1970)

  1. Rusty Cunningham says:

    I love vodka, but I guess everyone wants to hear about your dating scene?!

  2. Conor Bofin says:

    You know my view. Another excellent post, despite the ingredients. Keep up the great work.

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