Happy 5th Anniversary, Dinner is Served 1972!

Yep. I got the little WordPress notification yesterday. February 24th was the day of my first post. Which was basically THIS:

So far I have learned that I need a lot to learn about blogging. I think that the cooking part of this whole thing will be much easier. I am still trying to find where I can put the whole “about” nonsense; because, without that, the point of said blog is rendered utterly moot (or moo, since it is as pointless as a cow’s opinion).

41. Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin was my first completed dinner.

I have fond memories of this dinner. I remember it being really good.

I guess you always remember your first time…

Also, I can go back and read what I wrote about it:

I must admit that the pork loin was really good. Very juicy. The fruit added just enough sweetness. I enjoyed the potatoes. I think it would be even better to glaze them and then put them in the oven to brown a bit. Overall, If I were to make this again I would change the sides to sauerkraut and dumplings and a braised kale or collard green. There would be no gravy.

Here’s a thought: what if I went back and made this dinner again? Ya know, to go back with everything I know now (e.g. I now can make a custard).

I think I could make 41. Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin AMAZING.

It seems a very appropriate ending to Dinner is Served 1972. Full circle and all that shit, amiright?

I think I just decided that I will do that.

But anyhoo,  the anniversary of Dinner is Served 1972 coincides with the adoption anniversary of my beloved King of the WTF Face, Brian!

WTF Brian

I know a lot of you tune in just for Brian. So…

Oh, Brian. That video kills me. I know it’s the music, but whatever.

REMEMBER! Only TWO dinners left before I wrap up this thing!

P.S. the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood. Modern is silverware.

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10 Responses to Happy 5th Anniversary, Dinner is Served 1972!

  1. Micki Allen says:

    Kudos to you. And Brian, SQUEEE!

  2. Michael Brungo says:

    Happy Anniversary, my love. You sure know how to make your old man smile and laugh. I think the Pork Loin would be the perfect ending to a fabulous adventure.

  3. ecobota says:

    I did not know Brian had his own Brian pillow.

    Also, why stop in 2 dinners? THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. I’m sure there’s a whole other recipe set you can find

  4. Heather says:

    Congrats on five years! I was going to make a joke about wood being good for any anniversary, but I’m a classy lady so I won’t. As always, hurrah for the Brian pictures!

  5. Rusty Cunningham says:

    Congrats…from one of your “first” fans. I’ll give you wood, I mean, uhhhh, HAPPY 5th! I’ll look for silverware, now.

  6. Brian posing with the Brian pillow is EVERYTHING.

  7. Roy St. George says:

    Looking for card #76 or #79… “Stuffed Green Peppers”. I would be forever greatful if anyone could find and send the recipe to me! It was my favorite. I even used the filling for Cabbage Rolls. Please put Stuffed Peppers in subject line. TIA!

    Roy St. George

  8. missrose10 says:

    The idea of you not blogging any more makes me so sad. I so look forward to your posts so please go out and find something else to cook and tell us all about.

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