Fox Mulder’s Motel Cocktail

In the episode “Syzygy”, Mulder and Scully go to a small town because two teenage boys have been killed under mysterious circumstances (one of the kids is Ryan Reynolds!). Turns out that something is going on that is making things not quite right.

While in town, our favorite special agents find themselves acting not quite right as well.

Scully smokes:

scully smokes

And Mulder makes, what could possibly be, the saddest cocktail in the history of the world:

drunk mulder

Actually, I can imagine Mulder making this cocktail on the regular; he doesn’t seem to have any social life whatsoever, he receives answering machine messages from 1-900 numbers and doesn’t even have a bedroom. That is a man who does not buy Chardonnay or mix cocktails with hand-crafted bitters and slices of citrus.

So I gave it a shot! ***

Fox Mulder’s Motel Cocktail

  • 1 half-empty, flask-sized (375 ml) bottle of vodka
  • 1 half-defrosted can of orange juice concentrate

Spoon a few spoonfuls of slush into vodka bottle. Screw top on. Shake. Drink.


I have this pack of cigarettes in a drawer. I discovered that the key to quit smoking is to get a pack of cigarettes that you HATE. I hate these camels. They will continue to live in the back of the drawer.

***Please note that I am wearing my official David Duchovny t-shirt. Also please note that the reason the video is in portrait is because it’s the only way I could get the phone to sit upright. Also, I don’t have a double chin–it was the only way I could get the phone to sit upright. Thank you.

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8 Responses to Fox Mulder’s Motel Cocktail

  1. Suzanne says:

    That actually looks like something I might try for convenience and to cut down on plastic cups. Especially during the summer, just keep one in the cooler & sip from time to time. Great post!

  2. Oh how I wish we could buy frozen orange juice here in England. What the FUFF?! You can buy a tin of frozen orange juice in the States? Or do you buy a tin of orange juice and freeze it? I am astounded either way!

    I really liked the face you made after the first sip.

    • Yinzerella says:

      Frozen juices are a thing–lemonade, fruit punch…there’s a whole little section in the freezer aisle. Basically, you throw the frozen stuff in a pitcher, add 3 cans of water, and, like magic, you have juice!

  3. Conor Bofin says:

    I think you are more Tom Cruise than David D. Love those cocktail skills!

  4. tarynnicole says:

    “It tastes of vodka and loneliness”.
    I love you.
    And so nice to finally hear your voice. xx

  5. retro rover says:

    I loved that scene !

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