Agent Scully’s Pizza

I told you it was going to be all X-Files all the time this week–so here I am sharing with you Special Agent Dana Scully’s pizza.

Why pizza?

Have you ever seen the episode “Bad Blood?”

It’s super. In fact, since I have been watching choice episodes in anticipation of the revival on Sunday, I have decided that it may be my all-time favorite.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the entire thing HERE. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan, you should watch it because it’s hilarious (David Duchovny’s comedic skills are underrated, IMHO). The story is told first by Scully’s POV and then Mulder’s–which are different. Not so much in what happens, but the details.

But! One detail that is the same between both stories is the pizza. Pizza that Scully orders after her first autopsy of the day…

Heart weighs 370 grams, tissue appears healthy. Left lung weighs 345 grams, tissue appears healthy. Large intestine … 890 grams, yada yada yada… Stomach contents show last meal close to the time of death, consisting of … pizza. Topped with pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms … mushrooms … That sounds really good.

But she doesn’t get to eat it because Mulder shows up and tells her she has to do another autopsy.

scully bagel

Scully is HANGRY.


I feel you, girl.

So, Scully, this is for you–a pizza topped with pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms…

DSCN2037You’re not going to believe it, but I made this pizza from scratch!

OK, I admit that I used canned sauce.

Pizza sauce

How cute is that can? It tastes exactly like Pizza Hut sauce.

BUT! I did make the dough. I’m not going to go through the whole rigamarole–I used the recipe for My Favorite Pizza over at the Pioneer Woman. I have never tried any of her recipes before (at least none that I can think of), but I give this one 2 enthusiastic thumbs up.

This recipe was so. damn. easy. No proofing or kneading. It’s all in the stand mixer and then it’s just thrown into the fridge. No punching down or anything like that.

Love it.

I made the dough on Saturday so it rose in the fridge for three days. Three days! The results were fantastic. I didn’t stretch it out on the entire cookie sheet (I wanted a round pizza), so it was a bit thicker and chewy (which I don’t mind), but a thinner crust could be achieved with no problem.

I am going to freeze the other batch of dough (1 recipe makes 2 pizzas) and save it for a rainy day. Or if I’m snowed in this weekend (which will be a shame because I am supposed to fly to Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday).

Scully's Pizza

Don’t worry, although she didn’t get to eat it, Scully’s pizza didn’t go to waste:

mulder pizza

Are there any motels left on the planet that have Magic Fingers???

Now try to watch this and not laugh:

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6 Responses to Agent Scully’s Pizza

  1. Heather says:

    Kudos for making your own pizza. Looks yummy! And bring on all the X-files you want.

  2. tarynnicole says:

    OMG…they just played that same episode here last Saturday on the “best of’s” that they are doing before the new episodes. It was hilarious. I especially loved how Luke Wilson changed in each of their versions. Those teeth! Your pizza looks awesome. Enough to give me cravings. xx

  3. Sigh. And pizza sauce in a can too (see comment just placed on the Fox Mulder’s Motel Cocktail post). I am living in the wrong country.

  4. H.L. Shepler says:

    I love this episode. And that you were able to find a canned pizza sauce that tastes like Pizza Hut’s (yummmm).

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