Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Seems like a lot of people plan on celebrating tonight, at least based on the number of folks who have checked out my recipe for Corned Beef & Cabbage in the past week or so.

I will be celebrating tonight as well (although I am not the least bit Irish!), with some friends. Rick is making corned beef and cabbage and I am bringing the libations. Since I always like to celebrate with Irish Whiskey, I am going to go the extra mile and make an Irish Whiskey St. Paddy’s Day cocktail!


I think I’ll like it. It’s an “Irish Manhattan!”

Sadly, I will not be making the green thing covered in shrimp, which is called Virginia’s Emerald Isle Shrimp; although I would have if I had decided to do this yesterday afternoon and not last night. I mean, the recipe contains the line shrimp will turn pate green as they absorb color from spinach. I need to see that happen before my very eyes.

Anyway, I wish you all a very happy St. Patrick’s Day. Go get drunk (but not too drunk) and celebrate whatever it is that we are supposed to celebrate today.

Seriously, what’s the point of St. Patrick’s Day again?

stpatrickdayTune in tomorrow to see how the Irish Cheer turns out!

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6 Responses to Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! 🙂 Have a jolly good time.

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t go for the “Rusty Scupper” x

  3. Dr. Bobb says:

    Got your back, I’m making that shrimp horror tonight!

  4. Conor Bofin says:

    I could make you an Honorary Irishwoman. Then you could drink all year around, not that you have a problem in that area.

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