Stuffed Burger Bundles for Burt Reynolds

Well, I really dropped the ball with this one. I almost missed the birthday of one of DiS!’s favorite people, Mr. Burt Reynolds!


8 pages of hot reader erotica!

Now, when I made the Stuffed Burger Bundles on Tuesday night with my friend Jason, I didn’t have Burt in mind, but I think that Burt would like this dish, it’s beefy and hearty and manly–just like the birthday boy.


And yes, that is Burt sans-pants and also sitting backwards on a giant HAND bar stool. IT’S A HAND!

The menu comes from Better Homes & Gardens Jiffy Cooking (1967)

Burger Bundles Dinner

Burger Bundles

009008 Let’s get cooking!


I love Stove Top stuffing, so the odds were good with this one.


I also like condensed cream of mushroom soup.


Fake mashies? Sure.

So this is what came out of the oven:Jiffy Cooking Dinner

The Stuffed Burger Bundles didn’t stay bundled. They kinda bust open as the stuffing expanded. But you know what these really reminded me of?


Seriously, look at it:

beef heart stewed

Stuffed beef heart, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Real talk! The stuffing sticking out of it, and the fact that it was beef, and in a gravy–I mean, these looked similar and tasted pretty much the same. Which isn’t a bad thing, mind you, because I did really like the beef heart.

It was also kinda similar to one of my favorite dinners ever–Stove Top Chicken Casserole. Maybe I should make that for the blog sometime soon.

The potatoes were like a deconstructed twice-baked potato. Which means it was good. I love a twice-baked potato.

Did I mention that it’s also National Jell-O Week? I know that I did on the DiS! Facebook page and twitter feed. So it’s perfect that this dinner comes with a gelatin dish, Cranberry Star Mold!

Cranberry Star Mold

I really liked this recipe because it didn’t involve having gelatin half-set and stirring things in or trying to layer. It was all stir-in-one-pot-and-then-pour-into-mold.

Cranberry Star Mold Recipe

How convenient that I own a 5-cup star-shaped mold.

And here it is:

Cranberry Star Mold!

Gorgeous. Booze could totally go into this.

It was yummy. A less-tart, less-dense cranberry sauce.

I went the full Bundy and brought the stuff to make the dessert, too.


Why this needed corn syrup, I do not know. I mean, it was instant pudding, so I think that it could have been made to package instructions with milk (maybe a little extra to thin it?) and then fold in the nuts. 
lemon sliced cake

Whatever, it was good. Simple. But good. Everybody loves Sara Lee’s frozen pound cake.

So, this Jiffy Cooking dinner was a success!

He is a goddamned American treasure! I wish that I had purchased something during his recent auction.

He is a goddamned American treasure! I wish that I had purchased something during his recent auction.

Again, I want to send out very warm birthday wishes out to Burt! He is a big favorite here at DiS! HQ.

He’s right up there with Liberace, Tom Selleck, Elvis Presley, Nicolas Cage, Paul Lynde, and David Duchovny.

What a weird-ass list. Seriously. How fucked up is that list?

Now I think I need to make a MEN of DINNER IS SERVED gallery. Any excuse to bring out the David Duchovny teacup pictures, kittens. Any. Excuse.

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11 Responses to Stuffed Burger Bundles for Burt Reynolds

  1. Can i be in the gallery?

    I need that hand chair…

  2. I love the fact that you made all of this on a regular old Tuesday night. I would have put aside a whole day for this! My stomach is rumbling, it looks freaking delicious. And I did nip over to check out the pictures of David Duchovny teacup pictures. Thank you for improving my life.

  3. Jill says:

    I think your man list is AWESOME.
    And thanks for reminding me of the teacup pictures! You need to remind us of those pictures at least every 6 months or so. So so odd.

  4. I know there’s a joke about Burt being manhandled, somewhere, but I’m too speechless to come up with it.

    I LOVE how these recipes have to specify things like “Dairy” sour cream. Kinda makes you wonder what else there was in the dairy case at Safeway that year.

  5. Heather says:

    On the scale from sexy to hilarious, these pictures are dangerously far in the funny zone. (Come to think of it, I’m more laughable than sexy myself :))

    Everything is better with stuffing!

  6. Eat The Blog says:

    Love the idea of a gallery.

    Why? Why do I click your links? I’m never going to get the tea-cup image out of my head.

  7. Oh no, oh, no, oh, no! I will never get that image of Burt Reynolds out of my mind. I was traumatized by it as a teenager and now I think this one activated some kind of weird ass Ptsd. Luckily, I clicked on the David Duchovney tea cup link, so that one is over riding Burt’s image. But I laughed so hard I’ve started tearing up! I may never see again. Perhaps I’ve been blinded.

    On the positive side, the jello looks fantastic! 🙂 I’m just not sure what to say about the rest of the dinner! LOL!

  8. tarynnicole says:

    These look fab! And those pictures are so horrendously gorgeous….I love you…but you knew that anyway. xx

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