Orioles Magic Cheese Ball

You remember that time Elaine wore the Orioles hat to the Yankees game?

So, did ya hear that the Baltimore Orioles have made it to the American League Championship Series?

Baltimore is buzzing with excitement over the prospect of the team making it to the World Series. The city is awash in orange (even the Ravens’ football stadium). Everyone is wearing jerseys and tees and showing their civic (ok, baseball) pride.

On Sunday, for the game that ended a 3-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers, I was invited to go down to southern Maryland for a watch party.

Everyone was to wear orange and bring an orange food, so for this little Orioles-themed shindig I decided to make a cheese ball. I would have made an orange Jell-O, but all of my molds are already packed.

I’m rather fond of the cheese ball; I’ve made them before. And it gave me a chance to clean out some stuff that was already in my fridge.

In fact, the only thing that I had to buy was a block of cream cheese.

cheese ball ingredients


So, the ingredients were (in all their vague glory):

  • 8 oz block of cream cheese
  • the remainder of a tub of pimiento cheese spread
  • the remainder of a jar of sliced pimentos
  • the remainder of an 8oz bag of shredded mild cheddar
  • some cheese from a block of Red Fox Leicester Cheddar (delicious, btw)
  • a splash of beer
  • some grated horseradish
  • some mustard
  • poppy seeds

I think that’s it. Anyway, I threw it all in the mixer.

cheese ball mix

And it came out like this:

unformed cheese

This was a lot softer than my other past cheese balls. I eventually got it in a ball, though. I refrigerated it overnight and even froze it a bit so it would maintain its shape.

cheese ball wrapped in plastic

It kinda kept its shape

charlie & henry

I was lucky to have my cousins Henry & Charlie there to help with cheese ball presentation


Yes, those ARE Chicken in a Biscuit crackers. I had to buy some after the sensation they caused on the DiS! FB page


Charlie’s hat is pretty sweet

So here is the finished ball:

Orioles Cheese Ball

The poppy seeds on top make it even more Orioles-themed, don’t ya think?

The verdict: it was okay. It was surprisingly bland given all of the pimientos and horseradish that I threw in. But I liked it because it used up a lot of stuff that is in my kitchen (I hate to waste food!). And, it gave me something to write about in the midst of my move.

Go O’s!

Here is the song Orioles Magic (Feel It).

It’s no Steelers Polka or Let’s Go Mets but few things are!

Let me note that you should really watch the Mets one–it’s a total mid-80s time capsule (JOE PISCAPO!)–plus, I (oddly) know all the words.

Here are more cheese balls for your autumn entertaining:

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0 Responses to Orioles Magic Cheese Ball

  1. Totally making that apple cheddar ball this weekend.

  2. Wait wait wait, you added all that stuff to the deliciousness that pimiento cheese already is — and it was bland? Yipes. Disappointing. (But spherical, so yay!)

    (Go O’s!)

  3. Kari says:

    I remember being introduced to Chicken in a Biscuit crackers in 7th grade while on a bus trip to Six Flags. I may or may not have eaten an entire box of them with canned cheese.

  4. Goody says:

    It looks like your cousins took their arranging duties seriously-I’ve never spied a better arranged cheese ball/cracker tray (honestly, I haven’t).

    I wish pimento cheese in a tub was something I could buy around here. I can get the Kraft stuff in the tiny jar, but it isn’t the same.

  5. I love the vintage cheese and cracker plate! Good luck with the move! Now when I lament having to grade ~100 essays in a weekend, I can think, “At least I’m not moving!”

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