Yorkshire Chicken

DSCN0593Happy Autumn!

The Equinox has come and gone and we are enjoying some very fall-like weather here in Maryland. There is a definite chill in the air, as well as lots of rain.

It’s an absolutely perfect time for comfort food. And I think that casseroles, particularly chicken casseroles, are extra comfy.

This Yorkshire Chicken recipe comes from the cookbook Favorite Recipes from the Outer Banks Woman’s Club.


Nothing weird here. The only thing that I did in the way of substitution was swap out Poultry Seasoning for the ground sage. Because I didn’t have sage. And in the milk mix I put in dried parsley and dried thyme. But aside from that, I followed Ms. Barbara Sherman’s recipe to the T.

Yeah, electric skillet!

DSCN0595 DSCN0594

It’s amazing how close to a fried chicken it turned out like at this point. I might have to remember to do this little shake n’ bake technique with some smaller pieces of chicken and see if I can get them cooked all the way through.

DSCN0596 DSCN0597 DSCN0598

I baked it closer to 1 hr 20 minutes because, you know, apartment oven.

This is how stupid I am–I thought that somehow this would end up being a gravy and not a bread. But–hell-O?!?! It’s Yorkshire. Like, as in Yorkshire pudding? Of course this would be exactly what it was:


And what it was, was delicious. It was like chicken in the stuffing instead of stuffing in the chicken.


I love how the edges got a little brown and puffed up away from the edge of the casserole dish.

I served this tasty casserole with fake mashies and corn (very hey-it’s-not-that-far-from-Thanksgiving!). But the dinner was a bit dry. It was easily remedied with this:

canned gravy

Yeah, I am classy like that: Fake mashed potatoes. Canned corn. Canned gravy.

winner winner yorkshire chicken dinner

But hey, I kinda made bread from scratch with this dish! Seriously, this may have been my most successful “bread” ever.

Anyway, the chicken was cooked perfectly and the Yorkshire pudding part was great. I think it would be interesting to maybe mix in some canned mushrooms or some cooked onions and celery and see if this could turn into something that was even more like chicken and stuffing (or dressing if you are from the South, like the Outer Banks Woman’s Club).

Speaking of which, is there a difference between stuffing and dressing other than the fact that one is in the bird and one is out of the bird? Which is it that you serve come Thanksgiving and Christmas?

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8 Responses to Yorkshire Chicken

  1. LOL!! Emily you just made me laugh about the gravy, this does look good and I agree about adding onions, celery etc. to enhance the flavor.
    Now about Stuffing and Dressing, here’s what I think, each recipe can be interchangeable, by stuffing into a bird or baking in a pan. I think the wording it where you grew up, you call it stuffing and not stuff it but bake it, you call it dressing and stuff it and not bake. To Stuff or not to Stuff, to Bake or not to Bake 🙂
    All and all it depends on your growing up, I grew in Northern Ky (right outside of Cincinnati) and we call it dressing and bake it, we use torn white bread sat out on the table over night (Butternut Bread is what I prefer) LOL But I have lots of friends that use cubed stuffing mix, corn bread etc. and bake it, and some stuff it. Anyway I love my Mom’s dressing it is the best (I think so at least) and I look forward to it each year 🙂 YUM!!! Cheers Emily!!!

  2. That looks REALLY good and reminds me a bit of Mary Martin’s Colonial Chicken
    Instead of toad in the hole – it’s hen in the hole!

    We just call stuffing, stuffing here in the UK, whether it is inside or outside. Mmm – this is all making me very hungry.

    I am jealous that you can get Campbell’s Gravy in a can in the USA. And Cheddar Cheese Soup. When I come and visit you in Baltimore sometime I’m gonna fill my suitcase with Campbell’s glory.

  3. Angie says:

    Did you find the bones kind of weird? I would think it may be a bit better with just some boneless breasts or thighs or tenders or what have you.

  4. jennifer trapani says:

    Stuffing….dressing……lol. Well, let me say, as a child of the tropical South, it was always dressing. Either inside of whatever was roasting, or in a tray on the side. Usually made with cornbread, or stale light (wonder) bread. As a recent transplant to the frozen (to me, at least) North…its stuffing up here. Always with light bread. (When I was little, there was this ancient lady who would disdainfully refer to white bread dressing as ‘that dreadful Yankee suffing’…lol )

  5. Kari says:

    That looks really good! And I’m jealous of your electric skillet skills. I’ve only tried mine once and it resulted in a splattering hot serving of profanity.

  6. Goody says:

    You know, that looks really wholesome in a 70’s way. You have starch, and starch dressed up as vegetables, and a puffy pancake-and chicken! That’s a round enough meal in my corner of the world. And no joke, tinned gravy is god’s gift. Think how many holiday meals have been saved with that magical little tin when even the dog wouldn’t touch the lumpy, powdery, greasy stuff you poured out behind the house because you knew it would kill the sink. No? Maybe it was just me.

    In Chicago it was, “stuffing” but it came from a box at our house (and only once a year at Thanksgiving).

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