Joan Rivers’ Toast


Joan Rivers Toast

I can’t be sure, but this might be from “Made With Love: The Meals on Wheels Family Cookbook.”

This recipe sounds like a winner. Especially the holiday version.

Joan was a brassy, brash, resilient, smart, funny, ballsy broad with no fucks to give (and she liked big jewelry). She’s definitely one of my role models.

I want to grow up and be this awesome (Birkin bag and shiny scarf included):


I want to share a clip of her from The Ed Sullivan Show back in 1967. Here she talks about being a single gal:

I feel you, girl. Except for the bit about Howard Johnson’s. I’d be thrilled to go to the HoJo’s.

You’ll be missed, Joan. Thanks for all the laughs.

I hope the first thing she said to St. Peter at the pearly gates  was “who are you wearing?”



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4 Responses to Joan Rivers’ Toast

  1. I might make Joan Rivers Toast this weekend in tribute. I don’t have a toaster so there will be a variation…

  2. TidiousTed says:

    Man, she must have been some cook 😉

  3. S. S. says:

    Mom used to make something very similar for us on the first day of school. Ah, memories…

  4. Rusty Cunningham says:

    Are you to the “mask & gun” yet? 😛

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