Cherry Pie Epilogue

Yesterday, after posting the entry in which I lamented the fact that my pie was a big ol’ fail, I received an email from Owen:

If it’s any consolation, Nacho loved the pie…

Just who, pray tell, is Nacho?

Excuse the blurriness. But look at the size of this dog! He’s still a puppy!


The email continued:

I nearly killed him. When I woke up yesterday (at the crack of dawn) I found what looked like a murder scene on the kitchen floor, and Nacho had a red beard. A somewhat fitting, albeit depressing end.

Yes, Nacho the giant Labradoodle took down the rest of the pie. Which is not surprising. On Sunday I did have to say after dinner, “Guys, FYI, there is a chicken on your floor.”

If only there were pictures! But I probably wouldn’t be taking snapshots if that happened to me, either.  And I am so happy that didn’t happen to me. Can you imagine? Mop & Glo for weeks.

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  1. Conor Bofin says:

    Love it. Our hound now long decease, used to specialise in this behaviour. Cute but frustrating to see a tiny Jack Russell running around with a pizza in its mouth, wrapped over its head.

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