113. Ways With Bread

Ways With BreadI’ve been looking forward to this card because of its daffy photography. I love the massive bread knife and the sandwich made of sandwiches. Sadly, I did not make the sandwich filled with smaller sandwiches, for there are so few occasions that call for such a thing. And I don’t know exactly what those egg things are because they aren’t even mentioned on the other side of #113. But I am so glad that Dinner is Served! had taught me that buttering the bread before adding sandwich filling prevents the sandwiches from becoming soggy.

the more you know

I’m sorry that I really haven’t been blogging as of late. So what’s new with me? Very busy at work. And my brother’s wedding is coming up soon, so I’ve been going to the gym a lot. And speaking of the gym…

Ugh. I’ve been going to the gym regularly for almost a year now. I’m not tearing it up with the weights or aiming for a marathon,  but going from completely activity-free to at least 2 times a week is a big accomplishment for me. So I was feeling really good about myself and thought that I was doing really well; but then I switched gyms and did the fitness assessment and they told me that I have gained 5 pounds and went UP 3% in body fat. And I added inches on my waist. WTF? I thought I was doing so good with my New Year’s Resolutions!

Hm. Well, maybe that’s the problem. I’ve been cooking (and then eating) like a madwoman. I am sacrificing my body for this blog, people! But I am going to finish the cards this year, goddamnit!

You know how I once compared my life to a very, very low-rent version of Sex and the City? Well, that’s still true because there is still me. And there is still the city. But that other thing? Nada. Maybe if I knew that there was the possibility of someone seeing me naked, I would be more apt to not do things like eat lemon meringue pie in bed while watching episodes of Absolutely Fabulous with Brian.  Yes, that’s the only thing going on in my bed.

Now, in my defense, my potential suitors haven’t been knocking my socks off. And I’m not going to just do it to do it. Ya know? In times like these I look to the wisdom of Cher Horowitz:



But in all seriousness, I know that if I ever want to be in a situation again where there is the possibility of being naked, I’ve gotta start with a body that someone else would want to be naked with. So, from here on out:


Well, eating a challah bread full of creamed seafood ain’t gonna help that body. But I digress.

Creamed Seafood Recipe

seafood fillingI pretty much followed the recipe as-is. Except since Ronny is lactose-intolerant I went with Lactaid milk. I still used butter, however. I was making this for others–I sure as hell wasn’t going to skimp and use better. And for the seafood part I just used surimi, which was fine. Fake crab worked a-ok in this instance. But, of course, I added a ton of different spices and seasonings, mainly (you guessed it!) Old Bay. Lots and lots of Old Bay. And some more salt and pepper. And a little nutmeg to go with that eggy cream sauce and all of the sherry. Oh, yes, I thinned it with lots of sherry. But the end result was quite lovely:

113. Ways with bread

Does it look like the picture?

Bread stuffed with creamed seafood

Well, I liked it! It was good. Rather easy. Perfect for a little cocktail gathering–which this was. I was over at Rick & Ronny’s for a little NuSkin demo that Iris did for some of their girlfriends. It was a fun night.

Also, let me note that Rick & Ronny’s etsy shop RetroFurn has really expanded and they have some lovely little housewares available, like these Mode Danish Sheffield, England Serving Pieces with Teak Handles:

Mode Danish Sheffield, England Serving Pieces with Teak HandlesI like ’em.  Check them out, they have a lot of items that would make great gifts.

OK, I’m going to focus on not eating and pre-planning today’s trip to the gym.

Also, my condolences to everyone who is getting snowed on again. Keep strong, my friends.

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6 Responses to 113. Ways With Bread

  1. Ars says:

    Thanks for the shout out and the link to nuskin’s website…”Feel my face!! It feels so goooooood!”

  2. Conor Bofin says:

    A classic representation. Really well done. My own approach to the gym means that I can eat what I like, when I like. But then, I work out like a demon when I am in there. They will find me dead behind the treadmill one of these days.

    • Yinzerella says:

      Thank you, sir!

      I’ve started running (which is a miracle considering that I am an ex-smoker and have suffered from shinsplints for years) because they say that is the best cardio. And am working my way to a pull-up. I have muscles and stuff now. But the increase of fat…very disheartening.

  3. Rusty Cunningham says:

    Muscles weigh more than fat…so I understand the weight gain. Buuuutttttt, it was a long, hard (heh-heh) winter with many alcoholic beverages consumed, so that may answer the body fat % increase. Just think how much worse it could have been if you weren’t working out? Hope this makes you feel better 🙂 & yes, it’s snowing here in Minne-snow-ta!!!

  4. tarynnicole says:

    This looks awesome…but I wish you’d also made the loaf filled with teeny sandwiches. I want that in my life! xx

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