BH&G Cooking for Two: Meatballs in Sauerbraten Sauce

More meatballs!

So far I have shared with you two of the Meatballs-Four-Ways: Meatballs Stroganoff and the Meatballs in Barbecue Sauce. This time it’s the exotic-sounding “Deutsch” Dinner.

Detusch DinnerI love that “Deutsch” is in quotations. It instills me with a great deal of faith in the Better Homes & Gardens overlords. Right? I know how spot-on they are with all of their wiener recipes.

Anyway, as I did with the last two meatballs-4-ways dinners, I basically just put the previously-prepared meatballs in a different sauce. This was the Sauerbraten version:

Sauerbraten Sauce

Looks pretty similar to the sauce that I used for the Dinner is Served meal 25. Sauerbraten in that there are ginger snaps. And aside from that…eh. Not at all. This is the DiS! recipe:


I want to note that I really liked the Sauerbraten dinner, so I wanted to have high hopes for these meatballs.

sauerbraten meatballs

So far, so good, at this point. Although those raisins looked a bit questionable.

For the full meal, this is how it went down: I nixed the rice because I prefer buttered noodles over rice, and there was a bag of egg noodles already in Mr. Buckeye’s cupboard (from Meatballs Stroganoff). Broccoli doesn’t thrill me, so I did French-style green beans. Also, I had a can in my cupboard. The little rolls? I bought the frozen parker house rolls and brought them over already defrosted and risen.

The end result…

Sauerbraten Meatballs

Check it out! Mr. Buckeye got all fancy and we actually ate at the table. With place mats. So these balls looked good!

But how was it?

Mr. Buckeye said that it was his favorite of the meatball preparations. Which I found odd; because this was my least favorite. With the lemon juice and then all the sweetness from the raisins and brown sugar–it, for lack of a better term, tasted vommy to me. Vommy? Vomity?  Neither are actual adjectives. But you know what I mean.

Scarlet wasn’t really into it, either:

scarlet spoon

Scarlet says, “get that devil spoon away from me, woman!”

So the meatballs did not please me, but this meal was not a complete fail because there was a Jell-O mold!

raspberry ring recipeAnd it was great, though I initially found the addition of the grapes weird. However, Mr. Buckeye was right when he said that it did give it a nice variety of texture.

raspberry mold

Ain’t it pretty? It was yummy!

And, since there was whipped cream, you know that I kept going back to the fridge to deep throat the can of Reddi-Whip.


Don’t judge me! You know that you do it, too!

Mr. Buckeye even bought little slices of German Chocolate Cake, but we never ate them. There is always room for Jell-O (and, for me, copious amounts of aerated dairy products), but baked goods? Not so much. A lot of good desserts have died in his fridge.

Or have they?

For all I know, he may cake-binge on the couch, sans-pants, while watching NASCAR.

Well, that’s what I would do. But I’d watch some shitty Lifetime movie or stream Orange is the New Black or Downton Abbey.

To each their own!

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0 Responses to BH&G Cooking for Two: Meatballs in Sauerbraten Sauce

  1. Angie says:

    Careful, these are getting so good we may start demanding Meatball Mondays!

  2. you’re too much fun to read, you should write a screen play :)!!!

  3. Rusty Cunningham says:

    Scarlett the Corgi….won’t Brian be jealous??

  4. Grace says:

    About 15 years ago, I found a BH&G cookbook at Goodwill with Make Ahead Freezer Meals (or something like that. It included the Oven Meatballs and several sauces. My family loved it, but when I lent it to someone, the book disappeared. I was able to recreate our favorites–except the sauerbraten sauce. Thank you so much for posting these!

  5. LONG hair! When did that happen?! Cute Corgi xx

  6. Raisins are the devil – but I am hopelessly devoted to everything you do.

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