National Hot Dog Day: Top Dogs!

weeny cobraSo, according to Foodimentary, September 9 is National Hot Dog Day. Although I thought that the 4th of July is National Hot Dog Day. And other places say July 23. Whatever.

As someone who’s made almost 52 frankfurter-based dishes in the past year, I feel obligated to observe this holiday. But I’m sure as hell not making any more hot dogs. I am on a hot dog sabbatical.

BUT! That doesn’t mean that I can’t give you my TOP 5 HOT DOG DISHES!

So, here we go. Click through to read more about these memorable wiener moments.

5. Weenie Wreath

weeniewreathI had to include Weenie Wreath because it was pretty and tasted good. I actually recommend this dish for your next holiday bash–which I cannot say about anything else on this list.

4. Super Tuber

super tuber

This one I chose for sheer ridiculousness. Click through to read the history of this dish; or just enjoy the fact that I used a melon baller to stick a hot dog into a potato. Like I said, ridiculous!

3. Sausage in Biscuits

sausage in biscuitsOK, not technically a hot dog dish, but this Wiener Wednesday was definitely one of the grossest dishes to ever come out of my kitchen. I don’t know why I was surprised; Vienna Sausages were the featured ingredient!

2. Tessie O’Shea’s Frankfurter Chutney Salad

frankfurter salad

This dish deserves to be on this list for its name alone: Frankfurter Chutney Salad. And that my review of this dish was: I would only serve this to someone I hated. 

I almost hate Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers for sending this recipe to me. And I have a bone to pick with Tessie O’Shea for imagining this monstrosity.

1. Frank and Corn Crown

Frank and Corn Crown

My last Wiener Wednesday dish!

Although I went with an Americana-theme for the photos, this dish is royal-worthy. The crown wasn’t as offensive to my palate as some of the other dishes on this list, but it was offensive in so many other ways.

Happy Hot Dog Day, darlings! I hope it’s a good one.

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5 Responses to National Hot Dog Day: Top Dogs!

  1. What the…??? How’d I miss super tuber? Want to try it just for hte ridiculousness of it.

  2. Arse says:

    so the weenie wreath is the only one that actually tastes good?? I’m glad I was there for that one!

  3. The Mouse says:

    thank you for putting images in my head that I can’t get rid of. Sigh. 🙂 Hee hee.

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