Blender Borsch

Jarred borscht

In my last post,  37. Beef Stroganoff,  I never imagined that I’d find jarred Borscht at the Charles Village Safeway–in fact, my mind is still blown!

But since I didn’t expect it, I had already looked up some easy Borscht recipes to cover my ass.

And I had a good deal of the jarred Borscht left–I just tasted it (beet juice with little beet bits floating in it. Blarg.) and stowed it in the fridge.  It just made sense for me to choose one of those recipes to use up the non-Borscht that was the stuff in a jar by Manischewitz.

Really, isn’t Borscht supposed to have beef in it?

Well, this one has some chicken!

This Blender Borsch (where the hell did the ‘T’ go?) recipe is from my well-loved  paperback copy of The Joy of Cooking:

Blender Borsch

I made this just like it said, but I used the remaining jarred borscht in lieu of the consomme. This was excellent because not a damn thing had to be cooked! And, beets and condensed soup are dirt cheap.

I just threw everything together in a big pot.

blender borscht

blender borscht

Hm. So it didn’t look too appetizing at this point; like a red sea full of pepperoni and congealed yellow flotsam and jetsam.  It’s a little vommy.

But then I brought out the immersion blender!

Blender BorschLook at that pretty shade of beet!

I might not have had cultured sour cream and Fines Herbs on hand; but topped with a little Greek yogurt, dried dill, and cracked black pepper, this blender borsch was perfect for brown-bagging when it was so frickin’ hot in July.

And I love this soup because it gives me an excuse to bust out one of my most-favorite internet things of all time, The Cosmonauty. How can you not love it? It includes the lyric, as you shake your Jell-O like Nyet Funicello. 

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I might have to put that on a t-shirt.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, OFF BLAST!

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  1. Michael Brungo says:


    Your Father here. Not to criticize, but, you do know that it is “Annette Funicello”, don’t you??? What is Nyet?

  2. Jenny says:

    I LOVE your father! Send him over to me here at Silver Screen Suppers Towers and I’ll make him some of Annette Funicello’s Wee Pigs in Blankets…

  3. Angie says:

    I have never seen this. My life is changed.

  4. thismumrocks says:

    Hilarious, That video Almost makes me want to eat Borsch…and I HATE beets! Loathe them with a Captial L

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