Happy National Mai Tai Day!

Aloha, darlings!

It might be National Mai Tai Day, but why limit ourselves to just one island delight?

Mai-Kai drink menu circa 1957*
from The AtomicGrog.com

The Tiki Lounge is open! Pick your poison and order up in the comments–I want a Pina Passion.  It comes in a fresh pineapple!!!

*The Mai-Kai Restaurant still operates in Ft. Lauderdale. Click HERE to see their current tropical drink menu. 

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Just a Steel Town Girl on a Saturday night, cookin' for my life. www.dinnerisserved1972.com
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2 Responses to Happy National Mai Tai Day!

  1. I’ll go for a Sidewinder’s Fang. Anything served in a “collosal snifter” is fine by me. Don’t forget to “Take the pineapple home” x


  2. Canada Day and Mai Tai day on the same date? Awesomeness! Happy birthday, Canada!


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