Jam(s) of the Day!

I stole this idea–no! I mean, I was inspired by John, a.k.a. The Food & Wine Hedonist. He just did a run down of some of the best line dances of our time and I realized that one was missing.

This isn’t a line dance, per se, but it always becomes one of sorts–with ass shaking for an 8 count in one direction then a 90 degree jump, more ass shaking in another direction, and then another jump and so and and so forth; around and around, again and again, North, South, it’s like an ass-compass.

For your listening pleasure I present DA BUTT:

The song is from 1988, but I wasn’t introduced to it until my first Junior High Dance in the early 90s. Completely inappropriate for 12-14 year olds, but remember–this was Color Me Badd’s heyday. “I Wanna Sex You Up” anyone?

That is a CLASSIC! Especially when you couple it with their epic guest appearance on Beverly Hills 90210:

Oh, those were the days. Back when Brenda and Kelly were still friends. Well, I think that’s a excellent way to kick off the weekend.

Actually, no. I can’t help myself. Here’s one more for good measure–especially since I saw them live last weekend.

This is “Games (The Kids Get Hard Mix)” Oh, shit just got real.

Did you see? Did you see? Donnie Whalberg is wearing a Malcolm X denim jacket.

Read that sentence again: A New Kid is wearing an airbrushed Malcolm X denim jacket. Donnie’s Public Enemy phase was so misguided.


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  1. phairhead says:

    Oh man! “Da Butt” was a particular fave in my house

  2. Angie says:

    Goodness, though none of that is my sound track of the 90’s it did bring me back to a day where I had hope and dreams and looked great in a baby-doll dress. Thanks for the Memories now I”m going to go listen to some Pearl Jam and the Smith’s to even things out.

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