Wiener Wednesday: Hot Dogs on the Rocks

singers-and-swingersThis sounds like a good one, right?

I found this recipe late one night while traipsing across the internet. The site is Retro Food for Modern Times, which featured a little gem of a cookbook called Singers & Swingers in the Kitchen: The Scene-Makers Cook Book (1967).

“Dozens of nutty, turned-on, easy-to-prepare recipes from the grooviest gourmets happening!”

Well with a tagline like that, this cookbook was just begging for it.

Lucky for me (and the world) Singers & Swingers features multiple frankcentric dishes. And maybe I’ll eventually get to all of them, but for today, I chose the one that I thought had the best name:

Hot Dogs on the Rocks….ain’t no surprise…

OK, it’s not by Neil. This recipe is from The Rolling Stones!


Thanks for the dietary heads-up.

Baked beans, eh?

When I think of baked beans I automatically go to this:

And I am sure that I’m not the only one–but that’s the wrong band.

Although, with all that Ann-Margret rolling around on what looks like a giant sausage link, I think we have found the official Wiener Wednesday dance. Someone gif that shit!

Anyway, here’s what I started with:


Yes, frozen hot dog!

And after making everything in the microwave, here’s what I ended up with:

An island of potato in a sea of bean!
With logs?

This dish was, in its own way, actually good. I mean, it’s instant mashies, pork and beans, and a hot dog. I forgot that I liked baked beans!

This wasn’t what I wanted to eat for dinner (I then went and made some beans and greens for myself), but I can definitely see the appeal for the Stone(r)s.  This would be awesome at the end of a night of drinking and you have that craving for just—something. Or the day after when you need some sustenance that’s soft and fatty and kinda bland.  I put this in a little container and froze it. For emergency use!

You liked this dish? Well, please go over to Retro Food for Modern Times and check out some of the other recipes. Like this one:


Gosh, the intros the recipes are all just priceless.

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21 Responses to Wiener Wednesday: Hot Dogs on the Rocks

  1. Dad says:

    Em, don’t tell your mother, but now I know why I love Ann Margaret so much!

  2. Jill says:

    I thought I was ashamed to admit I’ve never heard of Ann Margret. That is, UNTIL I watched that video. It was disturbing.

  3. Godzilaw says:

    I love me some Neil Diamond – I used to listen to my parent’s LP of The Jazz Singer (Best song – Acapulco – I dare you not to sing along!). I finally saw Mr. Diamond live a few years ago – he rocks the Dad Dance to a laser light show on a spinning stage. Amazing.

  4. Yeah, it’s not something that I’d want to eat normally. But after a big ol’ bender of Keith Richardsian proportions, it’d be perfect.

    Love that Neil song…

  5. I had forgotten that anyone “mod” back in the day was a “swinger”…that cracked me up! On another note, I thought you photo-shopped one of your pix up in the top left corner of the book? 🙂

  6. tarynnicole says:

    Hey there, loved your post, and thanks for the shout out! xx

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  8. Imagine my surprise and delight when I Google searched for an image of Ann-Margret and hot dogs (for a post about a dream I recently had) and found that you’d already beat me to the topic!

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