Wiener Wednesday: Skyline Coney

From the shores of the Ohio River in Cincinnati, I bring you the Skyline Coney!

skyline chiliWell, actually, the can of chili is from Dayton or Akron or wherever it is in Ohio that my friend Leah is from (she gave me the can)–but Skyline Chili (Cincinnati-style chili is a thing, people!) originated in the Queen City.

And I feel obliged to stick this right here because we’re talking Cincinnati.

But anyhoo, the classic Skyline Coney is:

1 hot dog. 1 bun. 1 schmear of mustard.

1 hot dog. 1 bun. 1 schmear of mustard.

2 tablespoons Skyline chili. 2 tsp diced onion.

2 tablespoons Skyline chili. 2 tsp diced onion.

And the finished product is topped with mild, shredded cheddar.

Topped with shredded mild Cheddar.

It’s like it’s floating in space

The Skyline dog reminds me a lot of the Chili Cheese Every Dog from Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe. There are a bunch of them in the Pittsburgh area.

My friend Gigantor worked at the Cranberry Township HDS for years and years and years. I think he started in high school and just never stopped. Well, he finally left a few years ago. Which is a shame because I was hoping that one day he’d own a Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe and there would be Chili Cheese Every Dogs for everyone! There wasn’t anything fancy schmancy about the joint, but the chili and cheese sauce that they’d put on the fries and the dogs were to die for–and they steamed the buns! They also had fantastic milkshakes and all of the beverages came in plastic cups with hot dog drawings on them.

Yes, that is a Farrah Fawcett wiener.

And a “Seven Year Itch” Marilyn Monroe!

If I knew that one day I’d be writing about hot dogs once a week, I would’ve kept them all.

But anyhoo, the Skyline Coney is just like HDS’ Chili Cheese Every Dog. And like the Coney Island that I made last year. But the difference is the chili. I opened the can and I smelled–well, it wasn’t pumpkin pie–no, yes. It was pumpkin pie.

Which is just bizarre, to be quite honest. Now, I am familiar with the idea of cinnamon and chocolate (blarg) in chili. I even put a smidge of cinnamon when I make mine. But this was really overpowering. What’s in pumpkin pie spice? Let me look it up…

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice. Yeah. That seems about right. The chili tasted like pumpkin pie spice. But with cumin. And beef.

That sounds gross. The Skyline chili wasn’t gross–it was just odd. But really, when you throw it on a dog and top it with cheese–ain’t a damn thing wrong with that.

Oh, apparently at Skyline spaghetti topped with the chili is a thing. It’s also a thing at HDS–Pastachili! Since I never sampled the pastachili, and I had a lot of chili left, I gave it a go.


Why Batman Pez?
Why not?

Not bad. I just really can’t get over the spices.

I am going to be in the Cincinnati area sometime in 2013 so I might just have to swing by one of the restaurants and give this one another try. Perhaps something is lost in the translation from kitchen to can.

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0 Responses to Wiener Wednesday: Skyline Coney

  1. In the 1970s I had a Farah Fawcett hairdo. I must see if I can find photographic evidence of that. My curling tongs were forever on.

  2. I found out a coupla yrs ago that the Coney Dog was supposedly invented here in Detroit area. It’s really the only food native to here. Sad.
    But, yeah, cincy style chili is a thing. I think there’s a system of ordering 2,3, 4, 5-way that adds ingredients like onions, cheese, pasta etc. Think it’s chili is 1way, w onions is two way. I went to a Skyline just so I can order a Chili Threeway.

    • Yinzerella says:

      That’s like at Waffle House–covered and smothered was my fave. And I guess you have to order a certain way in Phily for a cheesesteak. Or so I hear.
      Yeah, at HDS a Chili Cheese Every was chili/cheese/onion.
      Chili 3way. Awesome.

  3. dillon says:

    -I put Pumpkin pie spice in just about everything considered baked goods: banana bread, pancakes, french toast, cornbread,etc. I think it is a bit much for chili…
    -My waffle house choice is smothered and peppered. (though I call it “the Affle House” because the first one I ever went to had a burnt out W… and it is appropriate)
    -I order my cheese steak “provie wit” (Translates to provolone cheese with grilled onions) and then you can add hot cherry peppers on the condiment bar at Pat’s King of Steaks (Pat’s also has a plaque where Sly Stallone stood while filming a Rocky movie, but don’t eat at Geno’s, they are mean and they have shitty cheesesteaks)

    • Yinzerella says:

      I am now starving as well. Damn you, Dillon. I don’t think I have a cheesesteak in my lunch pail.

      • dillon says:

        My Weight Watchers Chicken Alfredo frozen lunch will be a cruel smack in the face compared to this ridiculous list of foods… so I am in my own hell as well, my dear.

          • dillon says:

            Fine. Not terrible, not spectacular. I keep getting REALLY close to the -10lbs goal.. .and then I gain a pound… or two.. and have to work back… So no joy yet. But I also think that some of the weight gain is from muscle addition. I have been doing Power Yoga 3x a week fairly consistently and my clothes are definitely not a snug as they were at the beginning of this adventure.

            How about you? I am in need of a new weigh in buddy, if you are interested. My original buddy is far too fabulous, and went off the point counting wagon while jet setting.

  4. Erica says:

    I grew up in southwestern Ohio, so Cincinnati Chili is what I learned chili should be like, which makes me confuse by every other chili out there… But frankly, the canned Skyline chili is sub-par — unless it’s fresh from the giant pot, the spices get a little less interesting and there’s a bit of “can” taste to it. I’m not surprised it was underwhelming.

    Now I’m going to have to go make some from scratch after reading this 😛

  5. The only ways to eat Skyline chili is either from the restaurant, or making Cinicinnati chili on your own at home. The can does not do it justice whatsoever.

    • Yinzerella says:

      I don’t doubt that. I was just working with what was handed to me.
      If I make it through Cincinnati this summer, I will definitely swing by a Skyline.

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