Beverage Bonus: The Sidecar

Hi, kittens. Here’s a little pick-me-up for your Oscar Monday.

Saturday night I attended a speakeasy-themed party that benefited a Maryland historical something or other. So it’s nice that I am helping conserve some Baltimore historical shit, but the best thing about the party was that it was black-tie with 20s-wear encouraged. So I got to play dress-up!  I love playing dress-up! Yaaaaayyyyyy!

I borrowed a flapper costume from one of my co-workers and then dressed it up with my Gramsy’s jewelry and accessories.

This is the before me:

Before picture

Ya like the big roller?

And this is the after me:

I am serving up some Velma Kelly realness.

You like? And here is the full outfit: I tried to be quasi-era appropriate and went for the low heel. I really loved this costume.

DSCF5018[1]So anyway, for the party at Meli in Fells Point, era-appropriate cocktails like Mary Pickfords and French 75s were served. (And btw, the French 75 is the bee’s knees). I took particular interest in the little cocktail menu card at the bar because I recognized the very cool old-timey illustrations accompanying the selections. I recognized them because, hey! I own that book!


This is the Savoy Cocktail Book published in 1930 by Richard R. Smith, Inc. I got my copy (first-edition!) from my mum who scored it at an estate sale.


A gift from Gail to father for Christmas in 1929. Jay R. Wells.

Stuffed inside its pages are assorted ephemera–liquor advertisements from magazines, index cards, newspaper clippings, scraps of paper, and recipe cards like “Vodka Slush from the kitchen of Carol Collins.” Here are some more of the great drawings and recipes from the Savoy:

DSCF5021[1] DSCF5020[1]


DSCF5022[1]It is definitely one of the best items in my collection. So as I was flipping through the pages yesterday I thought, “I really need to start making some drinks from it.”

And then I thought “why wait? Why don’t I make one now? It is Oscar Night for fuck’s sake!”

So with what I was able to gather from my depleted liquor cabinet I made a Sidecar.

DSCF5019[1]The Sidecar was surprisingly sweet–although it should not have been a surprise since there was Cointreau (triple sec).  I also found the drink surprisingly smooth–because (surprise, surprise) I wasn’t using the best brandy in the world.


Shimmering for the night when all the stars come out

Barbra Streisand

Bow down to the Legend.

So I sipped on this while watching the Oscars red carpet. I thought that E!’s coverage wasn’t as good as in past years–why did they keep cutting to Giuliana, Kelly glamazon Kimora, and random stylist in some studio? Why weren’t they on the carpet with the stars? How tall is Ryan Seacrest? And most importantly–who did you think was best and worst dressed?

My worst is Anne Hathaway. Hands down. Or should I say ‘nipples up?’

Best? I may have to give it to Barbara. Bitch is 70 and looks absolutely flawless. Also, I am a sucker for sequins. And caftans. And she was wearing a sort of sequined caftan. By Donna Karan, of course.

OK, I gotta peace out–the carpal tunnel on my left hand is a witchy little burn. I’ll see you all for Wiener Wednesday.

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0 Responses to Beverage Bonus: The Sidecar

  1. Dillon says:

    Do you think that was Babs real hair? That was a lot of flowing locks for 70. If it was a wig, it was possibly the finest in all the land.

    You give good flapper. I am envious. I can’t flapper. I’d have to compress some stuff I don’t like to compress.

  2. Jill says:

    You look FANTASTIC! And like 18 years old!

  3. Mum says:

    i think you were born too late…you were meant to live in the jazz age!

  4. Mum says:

    i agree about anne hathaway…..yuk. she needs to find a new stylist.

  5. dillon says:

    I think Emily would have been besties with Dorothy Parker.

    And Hathaway… Could wear anything she wanted, and she changed to that at the last minute. Looks like bad redux of that Paltrow dress from a few years ago. Bor-ing!

    • Yinzerella says:

      They said that she had a Valentino and then ditched it at the last minute. I wonder why. FASHION MYSTERY!
      Yes, it looks like Gwynnie’s Oscar-win dress that was so fabulously worn later on by Matt Stone.

      • dillon says:

        A) maybe you could actually see her whole boob, not just her areola in the Valentino… maybe a perfect outline of her vagina was on display in the Valentino… sadly we will never know…
        B) Matt wore it better… Bitch stole his look…
        C) I CANNOT wait for the 90minute Fashion Police special… I need Joan Rivers…

  6. Hekky Catz says:

    You look like the catʻs pajamas. Love how you did your hair. I am a lover of all things 20s

  7. SURELY you pulled at that party looking like that?! Gorgeous. I have the Savoy Cocktail Book too, it’s just darling. You know a first edition is worth thousands of pounds right? I hide mine when I have a party…

  8. Jen L says:

    I don’t really drink, okay, at all, but the “Satan’s Whiskers” would be awesome to order someday! I loved the fringy, flapper dress and the bangs. So pretty.

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