National Jell-O Week: The Thrilling Conclusion!

I’ve had so much fun with National Jell-O Week that I don’t want it to end. And it doesn’t have to!!! Ms. Surly at Vintage Recipe Cards just threw down the gauntlet and double-dog dared me to make this dish, the Pineapple-Cucumber Salad:

It’s a beauty, ain’t it? Love that olive garnish!

I’m not one to turn down a Double Dog Dare. Plus, I feel bad that I didn’t have a proper Jell-O mold for you this week. So I do accept her challenge!  But why stop the fun there? I want to make it a bit of a game! And oh, I do like it when you, gentle readers, give me a hand in my decision-making processes.

So this is what I have done: I went to Vintage Recipe Cards and from the “Gelatine Salads/Molds” tab picked 3 other gelatin-based plates of various shapes and flavors:

That is a Sherry-Shrimp Aspic

This one is apparently best paired with Brandy

Directly from the card: “This salad has great versatility”

That’s a fun bunch, right? I think that there is something for everyone. And now I turn it over to you.

Vote as many times as you like! I will close the polls next Friday and then present the winner to you in March in all it’s gelatinous glory. I wonder what shape mold I’ll use…

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0 Responses to National Jell-O Week: The Thrilling Conclusion!

  1. I “Liked” this for ur gumption. The thought if any of these is making be heave. And I’m the guy with an iron stomach.

    On another note, I thought pineapples don’t work with jello?

  2. iamsurly says:

    Most excellent. And diabolical.

  3. Susan says:

    I had to check out the Lemon Vegetable Mold – sounded similar to one my mother made with lime jello, nuts & horseradish. These are all foul sounding, but I applaud your bravery in making them.

  4. You simply MUST make the Lemon Vegetable mold. But to “win” the peas must be frolicking just like they are in the picture 😉

  5. Jill says:

    They are all equally nauseating-sounding and looking. I voted for the coffee one only because of that white “sauce” on it – what the heck IS that?

  6. I voted for the shrimp and sherry. That actually doesn’t seem so bad but I think my mind is a bit warped.

  7. phairhead says:

    Wow! Again another “Sophie’s Choice” moment on DiS……something about lemon and nuts sounds so….. I don’t know….wholesome? Is wholesome the right word?

  8. I voted for coffee jelly, because I think of it more of an Asian dessert rather than a victim of the Jello food trend – can be quite delicious. I thought you should make something that has a chance of being eh-not-bad instead of stomach-churning.

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  10. I can’t believe the Sherry Shrimp Aspic is losing! The coffee jelly sounds delicious and my mother used to make something that I’d wager was similar to the other two for holidays. The Sherry Shrimp Aspic is clearly the most…unique.

  11. veg-o-matic says:

    Coffee Jell-O is actually quite common in New England, where you can get coffee-flavored everything. My own mom used to enjoy coffee Jell-O regularly.
    P.S. Get yourself some Autocrat coffee syrup and squirt it in milk. You won’t sleep for days, but it’s delicious.

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