Wiener Wednesday: You Pick!


Best. Photo. Ever.

Howdy-ho, Hot Dog Enthusiasts!

For this week’s Wiener Wednesday, I look to you, gentle readers, to help me pick which one of these franktastic recipes I should take on as my next red-hot challenge.

 The candidates are:

  • Yankee Spaghet (from Good Housekeeping Casserole Book, 1965)
  • Spanish Franks (from The Metropolitan Cookbook, 1964)
  • Frank-Stuffed Tomatoes (from Good Housekeeping Casserole Book, 1965)
  • Hot Dog Soup (from Heavenly Helpings: Sisters of the Presentation, 1984)

You can now see why I was having such a difficult time choosing one of these recipes. They all sound amazing, amiright?


Your public service announcement for the day

So it’s up to you! Vote now. Vote often. I look forward to the results!

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0 Responses to Wiener Wednesday: You Pick!

  1. I am pleased that most of the other voters are as intrigued by “Hot Dog Soup” as I am!

  2. Phairhead says:

    Exciting choices but HOT DOG SOUP…that sounds like a American classic

  3. I am English therefore like things that sound rude and “Frank” is nothing to do with sausages here but just a boy’s name here so I’m going for Frank-Stuffed Tomatoes.

  4. RobinSpringer says:

    I went for the Spanish tomatoes…. and without looking at a photo, it was a trial. 😀

  5. RobinSpringer says:

    I messed up, I meant Spanish Franks, my bad 🙂

  6. Dad says:

    You see, I thought the Spanish Franks sounded like they might be a bit spicey, earthy, really good with a dark lager beer or even a dry, fruity temprenillo. I don’t know, hot dog soup just doesn’t seem too interesting unless you are fighting a bad cold and looking for something to eat while you watch every episode of “Big Bank Theory” in one session. But that’s just me. Oh shit, I just realized my writing style is starting to emulate my lovely daughter’s quirky methodology. Amiright?

  7. kathy says:

    i voted for spagh. Even though I prob already know what it is. It’s something my husb used to make for the kids if ever I was out/(snuck out). Is it spaghetti with a can of tomato soup dumped over and with sliced moon weinies

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  9. American says:

    Mean while in Africa…

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