Wiener Wednesday: Sausage Boatees

Sausage Boatees

This week’s Wiener Wednesday is especially exciting for two reasons:

1. The dish is called Sausage Boatees. Boatee is totally not a word. I looked it up. But you know what is? BOOTY. So these will be known as Sausage Booties. Which, like so many dishes I make for Wiener Wednesday, sounds kinda porny (which actually is a word according to Merriam-Webster).

Printed in Canada, Paul Hamlyn Ltd

2. This recipe comes from the 1967 set of Marguerite Patten recipe cards!!! Yes, thanks to Kim over at The Bad and Ugly of Retro Food, I finally own a set. I’ve wanted these ever since I saw Milk Chicken on the interwebs. It was love at first sight.


Banana slices, bitches!

Don’t fret, Milk Chicken WILL happen.

DSCF4788I made the Sausage Booties, from the Egg & Cheese Dishes chapter, for lunch on Saturday because the pork sausage links made me think of brunch.

The recipe states, “processed or Dutch cheese” so I went for processed Dutch cheese: Gouda.

It’s odd that the sausage is cooked and nothing else. You’d think that with the pineapple the entire thing would be broiled, no?

My cheese, although a processed cheese product, didn’t fold. It wasn’t pliable enough. So maybe I should have let it sit out for a bit? Since it wasn’t bendy, the cheese just broke when I tried to wrap it around the sausage. The Boatee was a lame kabob of pineapple/cheese/sausage/cheese/pineapple. Oh, with chutney in there. And what’s with cutting into the sausage to put in the chutney? What’s so wrong with simply spreading it?

Here is the complete Sausage Booty:

Sausage Booty

It didn’t taste bad, but eating the booty (sorry, boatee) was an ordeal–there was no way to eat it gracefully. And I think that it was definitely intended to be a finger food–the card calls it a “light snack”–but it was impossible to get all of the ingredients in one bite. Damn toothpick.

Sausage Boatees is definitely one of the odder dishes I have made. And that’s saying something! The Marguerite Patten Recipe Card Set is a kickass early Christmas gift. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN with these recipe cards.

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0 Responses to Wiener Wednesday: Sausage Boatees

  1. Gadzooks – these are brilliant – Jx

  2. I love a good booty… not too big, not too small, well formed. Not smelly.

  3. “Banana slices, bitches!” I think out of all the Foodie reading I’ve ever done, yours is the best I’ve come across. I await milk chicken with horror! 🙂

  4. Hekky Catz says:

    The white chicken scares me. And the boattiees are kind of gross. Perhaps, Velveeta would have worked better? I do love Velveeta.

  5. Hekky Catz says:

    What is Dutch cheese? Edam? Gouda?

  6. Erica says:

    Well, yuck… that looks all kinds of weird, but what can you expect from the people who brought you milk chicken?

  7. TheKeyLime says:

    Is Milk Chicken a lo-cal version of Milk Steak? ( Do you serve it with raw jelly beans?

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