Wiener Wednesday: Dried Beef Log

Okay. I am well-aware that this isn’t a wiener dish. But the Thanksgiving holiday has totally messed with my blogging schedule since I was out of town for a week. You should be happy that there is a Wiener Wednesday at all!

So, how am I going to justify this as a Wiener Wednesday?

  1. It’s posting on a Wednesday
  2. It’s a beef log–and logs are wiener-shaped
  3. Dried beef is just as questionable a meat product as any other kind of hot dog or luncheon meat
  4. “Beef Log” is one of the best phrases ever
  5. It’s my goddamned blog and I can do whatever the hell I want

So this simple recipe comes from Better Homes & Gardens Cooking With Cheese (1968 printing) It’s a little cheese-bally (see Party Cheese Ball) so I hope that this doesn’t seem too repetitive–oh, what am I saying–this is totally different. The damn thing is wrapped in beef bites.

Pretty similar to Party Cheese Ball. But with olives. And that snipped beef thing.

What the hell is chipped beef, anyway?

The BH&G folks really love stuffed olives

The KitchenAid did its work. I shaped this into a log

See? Log. Looks like Bac-Os

So here it is. The finished product in all its loggy glory:

I apologize for the fuzzy photography. I’m no Ansel Adams. Or that lady who made all those babies into flowers and pieces of fruit. You know who I’m talking about.

But anyway, I think that the word to best describe my dried beef log is SALTY. Olives? Salty. Dried Beef? Salty. Parmesan cheese? Salty. But it wasn’t horrible. I brought it over to my friends George and Kristen’s house for the Steelers vs. Ravens game (oh, Big Ben we need you to return!). They seemed to like it. And I got this facebook message from Kristen the day after:

Just had some of your log…delicious! That sounded gross.

A little secret: the whole time I was preparing the log, eating it, and now writing about it, all I have in my head is the following song, which is a perfect segue way to the Christmas season.

“…but I fucking hate egg nog. Seriously.”

I can’t believe that it’s already gonna be December.

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10 Responses to Wiener Wednesday: Dried Beef Log

  1. I am going to steal one of your phrases because it made l laugh so much. “I apologize for the fuzzy photography. I’m no Ansel Adams”. and also maybe, “It’s my goddamned blog and I can do whatever the hell I want.”

  2. Godzilaw says:

    One of our guests brought something similar to our Thanksgiving – dried beef dip – it was delicious! Also, now I want a swiss colony beef log.

  3. I think there should be more times that the phrase “beef log” is used. Perhaps we should all make an effort to work it into our daily conversations. Remember when people used to say “I’m so salty over that” meaning they were mad about something. How about instead of being salty, we can now say “man, I am so beef log over that!” See where I’m going with it? No? Oh hell.
    I would totally try this recipe…minus the olives. I hate olives. Thank you for doing whatever the hell you want on Wiener Wednesday! Rock on sister!

  4. phairhead says:

    I have bronchitis and nearly died laughing at Swiss Colony Beef Log! I used to be addicted to their fudge

  5. Yinzerella says:

    I’ve never had a Swiss Colony Beef Log. I’ve had Hickory Farms. And I get the Figi’s catalog. Is the Swiss Colony Beef Log ALL THAT?

  6. Kelly says:

    More awesome than I could have imagined!

  7. Kristen says:

    Totally just read this (?? I know, right) and it was freaking awesome! It was the right amount of awesome awesome and guilty awesome that made me want to eat bunches of it straight from the fridge when George wasn’t around to judge. Not that he would–he’d probably be right next to me, Triscuit in hand. Okay, that sounded gross.

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