Impossible Taco Pie

Ad from 1982.

I love anything with a superlative in its name. Especially anything called Impossible. Couple that with the phrase Taco Pie and you’ve got a simply irresistible dish. Seriously, I love Mexican food. Especially at-home Americanized Mexican food.

There’s really not a lot to say about this except that it was delicious. And easy. It would’ve been great if I didn’t have to bust out the hand mixer, but that’s the price one pays for a self-made crust.

I used my 8×8 Spice o’ Life CorningWare since my pie pan was a wee bit too small.

Here it is baked. Sorry for the shoddy photography, but by now you should all know that camerawork is not my strong suit.

Doesn’t this look fantastic? I even tried to make it pretty like in the original Bisquick advertisement.

Can you see the crust? Bisquick didn’t lie! Also, doesn’t that picture look like awesome Taco Bell Nachos Bel Grande? It tasted like awesome nachos.

These are some of my Baltimore besties,  Dan, Jon, & Erin. This is photographic evidence of my new kitchen in action! I’m entertaining!!!

Crap, this was good. Impossibly good? I’d put it up there with my favorite Stove Top Casserole (which I made yesterday for myself because it’s starting to feel a bit–dare I say it?–autumnal). I am not happy to admit that I ate the Impossible Taco Pie leftovers for breakfast the next day. Because that makes me sound gross (but this is coming from a girl who could eat her weight in cheese). I am a little gross.

I would totally make this again. But would have to make it for other people as well, for fear that I would eat it all by myself in one sitting and slip into a food coma, later die, and be discovered by my landlord with half of my face missing because Brian ate it off to survive. Brian would totally do that because he can sometimes be a bit of a dick.

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13 Responses to Impossible Taco Pie

  1. veg-o-matic says:

    What a coinkydink–Brian posted about this as well. Guess that means it’s an omen and that we should have this soon.
    Brian would totally eat your face off. I can tell just by looking at him. He might not even wait until you’re in a coma.
    P.S. Is Dan checking out Erin’s rack?

    • Yinzerella says:

      I just saw Brian’s CakerCooking Taco Pie! How weird? The recipes are just sliiiiightly different. Yes, you need to make the taco pie soon. I know that you have a stellar taco casserole recipe.
      Ha ha ha ha, Dan is not into boobs.

      • veg-o-matic says:

        Oh, my–I didn’t realize until just now that my comment could be misconstrued. To clarify:
        Brian *Caker* posted about Impossible Taco Pie.
        Brian *Cat* would eat your face off.
        I don’t think the reverse would ever happen.
        P.S. I’m not into boobs either, but I totally checked out Erin’s rack.

  2. Toy Lady says:

    You know, I’ve never once bought a box of Bisquick. These impossible pies – I’ve seen a few different versions – they tempt me . . .

  3. Erica says:

    So wait, you pour the crust mix on top, and it sinks to the bottom? How delightfully bizarre!

    I wonder if there’s a recipe for homemade Bisquick…

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