Wiener Wednesday: Bacon Big Boys

Ah, another Cooking for Two that I cooked for one!

Gentle readers, I present to you Bacon Big Boys!

I had been eyeing this recipe for a while 1. because of the name (I ♥ Bacon!) and 2. because of the photo.

“Bacon Big Boys are hearty, man-sized sandwiches with smokey flavor throughout.”

Oh my, that is a big boy! So big that one was more than enough for me.

I didn’t have a french roll of any kind so I used 2 of my regular hot dog rolls (to accommodate all of that heartiness) with 2 regular Oscar Meyer franks, 3 slices of bacon, and fat-free cheddar.

Look at that thing. It was Guinea Pig-sized.

I had to cook my Big Boy longer than the directed 12-16 minutes–it was well over 20. No surprise since this was one massive sandwich.

But once it was cooked, check this out:

Look at all that melted cheesy, crispy-bacon goodness! Looks almost as good as the BH&G picture.

So for my accoutrements I chose ketchup, a mayo/horseradish/mustard mix, and maple syrup.

Maple syrup?  

Let me explain: Cheddar + bacon + sausage + bread = breakfast.

So I  put a li’l monkey bowl of imitation maple syrup on the side of my Big Boy. The ketchup sucked. My mayo/horseradish/mustard sauce was passable. But the maple syrup beat it by a landslide–even with the dijon mustard in the sandwich.

Oh. My. God. If you put a breakfast sausage in this–with a smoked cheddar or SMOKED GOUDA–this shit would be bananas. To quote Jem, it would be outrageous. Truly, truly OUTRAGEOUS!

The whole bacon/cheese/maple syrup combo reminds me of Harringtons of Vermont (and I guess a McGriddle). Harringtons is one of those great catalogs that sends you meat in the mail. I LOVE GETTING MEAT IN THE MAIL! But it’s really good food–like Hickory Farms on awesome steroids. The smoked cheddar is worth the admission alone, baby.

One of my best birthdays ever was–oh shit–6 years ago?!?–when a full breakfast package (bacon, ham, pancake batter, smoked cheddar cheese, Vermont maple syrup, jams, etc) unexpectedly arrived at my front door. My boyfriend at the time (ex ex ex) ordered it and he made me a beautiful breakfast (complete with Mimosas) and we spent the entire day at home, in pajamas, watching classic films like Casablanca and Now, Voyager (my fave movie of all time).

It really was a lovely, lovely day. One of the very best days. The food was so good!

But then the dick broke up with me 2 weeks later. Asshole. I hate you.

But I still adore maple-smoked cheddar. You can’t take that away from me.

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15 Responses to Wiener Wednesday: Bacon Big Boys

  1. Laura says:

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but that BH&G photo reminds me of a close up of a maggot. RE:

  2. Michael Brungo says:


    You kill me! I can’t help but laugh out loud sometimes when I read these things, so I have to keep my office door shut. As for your ex ex ex, as Big Ang would say: “Get over it.”


  3. veg-o-matic says:

    Holy Hannah, that looks good.

  4. The Mouse says:

    Speechless … and drooling.

  5. Erica says:

    Was it super-greasy with all that bacon on the outside? (And all that cheese oozing out of the inside! And maple syrup all over……)

    What’s killing me is it still looks delicious even though I know the kids would be a disastrous mess after eating one!

  6. Cameron Close says:

    Certainly this is an inspiration for a new food stand at the local County Fair!

  7. glad you used low fat cheddar cheese (LOL)
    as for the ex ex ex boyfriend – at least you got a good breakfast

  8. Ann says:

    Hi! Honeygirl, stumbled on your website. 1972 was when I graduated from high school so was curious. The olive green brings back memories, and I remember using a vintage ww cookbook that had a salmon mousse recipe – give it a miss, my mom and I took a bite and almost threw up. In fact any sort of savory aspic forget it, we didn’t eat them back then, it seemed so 1920’s society dames who lunch. I do however, remember making a mean swiss fondue! If you can find a ceramic fondue pot they’re the best, the metal ones burn the cheese. Loved the muu muu you’d fit right in here. Aloha, Ann

    • Yinzerella says:

      Ann, I hope that you come back to see more of my 1970s foods!
      I actually just got the BH&G Fondue cook book. I have an electric/metal fondue pot–what makes the ceramic one so special? I need to know.

      • Ann says:

        Non electric ceramic and you have more control over the heating element. Also, the ceramic is thicker than the metal ones and it isn’t prone to a burnt cheese crust, and heats gradually which is best with cheese. And face it, it’s more fun with fire! Also, you seem like a gal who enjoys a good garage sale, you can find a cheap one there. Also, stick with the alcohol based classic recipe for the true taste of fondue. I remember some recipes say to use apple cider in place of alcohol which is plain crazy talk. You might look for Graham Kerr Cookbooks (the early ones before he got healthy), he was big in the late 60’s and 70’s and he had a good chicken pie recipe. The time life cookbooks of different countries where great, they came out at the same time. Oh, and before I forget Sunset Magazine (circa 1968 to early 1980’s) were absolute killer for recipes and cooking techniques and home improvement. Aloha. ps just an afterthought if you use a non electric one put it a cheap wood chopping board in case the heating element gets to hot you want to protect your table.

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