August Update

Hello, kittens. Happy August!

I hope that you are all well and keeping cool this sweltering summer. I’ve been pretty unsuccessful–I blame the damn Chesapeake Bay–but perhaps I’m sweating up a storm because things are really heating up here at DiS! central. Not only am I revving up for my 80th dinner (yes, 80th!), and keeping it hot, hot, hot with Wiener Wednesdays, I also finally bought my domain.

I am officially 

How rad is that? It makes it so much simpler for you to tell all of your friends about the good work that I’m doing. And it’s super-easy to remember how to get to my site when you’re drunk.

If you look to the side bar on the right, I now have little buttons for my two favorite retro food sites, The 1972 Weight Watchers Experiment and The Mid-Century Menu. If you haven’t visited Mimi or Ruth recently (or ever!), please do so. They’re good girls who know their way around a Jell-O mold.

Oooooh! And I want you to see this–I’m growing my own celery. I shit you not! Look:

All you do is put the bottom of a bunch of celery in a little bit of water and BOOM. Celery. This growth is from, like, a week. Can you believe that? Later this week I’m going to put it in some soil and see how it goes. I love a houseplant that you can also eat. I am also mulling over attempting green onions, beet greens, bok choy, and maybe a sweet potato vine. Apparently you can eat sweet potato leaves. Huzzah to garbage gardening!

Now back to that 80th dinner. You can still help decide which DiS! I’ll make. Here are your contenders. Please vote at the bottom of the page and I’ll see you on Wiener Wednesday!

49. Paella (Seafood & Chicken on Rice)

  • Olive Cheese Puffs
  • Green Salad with Wine Vinegar Dressing
  • Hot Buttered French Bread
  • Ice Cream with Pineapple Topping
  • Crisp Cookies

56. Sukiyaki

  • Cup of Clam Broth
  • Tea
  • Steamed Rice
  • Sliced Cucumbers with Vinegar-Soy Sauce
  • Orange Sherbet

87. Veal Parmigiano

  • Chilled Vermouth with Lemon Peel
  • White Risotto with Zucchini
  • Roasted Pepper Salad
  • Italian Bread
  • Sliced Oranges with Red Wine
  • Pound Cake

118. Crepes Suzette

  • Crepes filled with Orange Butter
  • Other assorted fillings (ice cream, jam, custard, berries, etc.)
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5 Responses to August Update

  1. Lauren says:

    How cool is it that you’re growing celery? Congrats on your new domain, as well. I ended up voting for Paella, but Veal Parmigiano was a close second.

    “Keeping cool” is a relative term when it’s 100+ degrees for days and days…

  2. craftitute says:

    I highly support your celery. Good job.

  3. missrose10 says:

    I did the same thing, with the celery that is. I put it in the back with my garden and it is doing great. I also have those same containers from Ikea right? I hope my little stock servives winter but it is having a grand time with all my other veggies.

  4. veg-o-matic says:

    I took your cue and submerged my own celery bottom in some water yesterday. I will update you frequently on its progress.

    Is that an avocado pit I see in the background? If so, how very “Sex and the Single Girl” of you!

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