BH&G Meals In Minutes: “Family Favorite”

Two words, people: CIRCLE PUPS.

That’s what drew me to the “Family Favorite” dinner from Meals In Minutes, a volume from the Better Homes & Gardens Creative Cooking Library. I just acquired this gem when I went back home to Pittsburgh last month. With it I scored 12 other BH&G cookbooks (different years and series). I hit the jackpot. Each one was only $1. The little glossy-covered ones from the Creative Cooking Library are all First Edition 1963 and had never been opened. I swear–I opened this one and the binder made that new-book-crack sound. I am very excited by this new acquisition and I plan on making lots of dinners from these books.

“Family Favorite” is from the chapter Big Time Broiler Meals–meals that can be completely prepared on one pan in the broiler.

Well, after the baking marathon that was #107 Seafood Mousse, I loved the idea of something quick and easy. I prayed my tiny apartment-sized oven would accommodate a Big Time meal in its modestly-sized broiler.

Did I just read “It’s the cut that makes them curl–” and “sour cream topping makes beans “special””? I’m officially in love with this book.

So I cut my franks and then got everything together on the broiler pan. Instead of pulling out baking dishes I made little boats out of tin foil. Also, they didn’t have little potato pancakes at the Safeway so I used a can of potatoes from my cupboard and dolled them up with some paprika.

Before entering the broiler

After it emerged from the broiler.

Holy shit. They curled. They actually curled.

So onto some rye bread my little circle pups went, their broiled meat arms gently wrapped around poultry seasoning-flavored sauerkraut (I didn’t have just sage) and topped with Stadium Mustard. Oh, don’t forget the the sour cream that makes those canned green beans “special.”

How ’bout them puppies?

OK, no lie, I liked the “Family Favorite.” It was like a hot dog Reuben sans 1000 Island Dressing. And I forgot that I liked canned green beans. Seriously, I like canned green beans.

And I really liked that it all cooked in one pan. Clean up was a breeze. Plus, the entire meal, from cutting the hot dogs to plating, took all of 25 minutes. Meals In Minutes did not lie. Good on ya, Better Homes & Gardens.

For dessert I chose the Peach Melba. Vanilla Ice Cream on a canned peach half. Well, that couldn’t be simpler. For the topping I used homemade Blackberry Syrup. Now, don’t get too excited–it wasn’t made in my home. My friend Wendi from Bon Appetite Hon made it and you can too! Learn how here. It’s rather good and a bit spicy!

So the “Family Favorite” was a keeper.

Speaking of my family, I would like to share a new photo of Brian. My pride and joy.

Just hanging out. Doing fat guy stuff. Like a boss.

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25 Responses to BH&G Meals In Minutes: “Family Favorite”

  1. Cleve says:

    Brian loves hanging out and doing fat guy stuff.

  2. Cameron Close says:

    After exploring this food can you get a feel for how difficult it was to sell fine wine in the 1970’s early 1980’s. “Food and wine” – Americans gave little attention to the subtleties of food let alone wine! At the time of these cards, 1972, Americans drank more fortified wine than they drank what we think of as dinner wine, 12-14% alcohol. I would lead a sales presentation discussing Robert Mondavi, if the customer seemed clueless, I knew it was going to be a short meeting or a long day!

  3. Cameron Close says:

    PS…Nice job as usual !!

  4. Godzilaw says:

    I am TOTALLY making circle pups for my kids!

  5. says:

    I so have to try this! You had me when you added that they were reuben like. I also love canned green beans. Green Giant french style!

  6. Dang is those franks didn’t curl up. I haven’t clicked on the video link….crappy connection today….please tell me Mr. Welles busts out the “We will sell no wine before its time” quote.

  7. OMG, you had me dashing into the kitchen to check on a BHG cookbook my dear late cousin, Wendy (Auburn, Alabama), sent me eons ago, “Lunches and Brunches”. Yup, same year, 1963. Is it part of your new collection? It’s been a staple in my kitchen for years; check out the pancake recipes, I still use them.
    LOVED your great results with the menu, not to mention the Orson Welles clip. Have never made circle pups, but with my little grandson now experimenting with more fun foods, will definitely attack this one. Will also include carrot and celery sticks in that glass!!

    • Yinzerella says:

      Yes, I am the proud owner of “Lunches and Brunches” as well. In the 1963 set there are 8 books: C1- Best Buffets C2- Birthdays and family Celebrations C3- So-Good Meals C4- Snacks and Refreshments C5- Meals with a Foreign Flair C6- Meals in Minutes C7- Lunches and Brunches C8- Barbecues and Picnics
      I have all but C1, C2 & C5.
      I will now have to try the pancake recipe!

  8. I am def going to have to make some circle pups. I am a big fan of hot dogs so i’m going to WOW company and make them. I may even get really crazy and wrap them in crescent roll dough to see if they will turn into blanketed circle pups….

  9. Shay says:

    I have this book, purchased along with about ten others when the hospital auxiliary thrift shop put them out for $1 each (maybe there was some kind of conspiracy to sell them for this price). They are loopily wonderly.

  10. Shay says:

    Loopily WONDERFUL!

    I guess I’m a little loopy myself.

  11. susiemaeday says:

    We used to eat something similar to this all the time growing up. So yummy! Circle Pups is a really cute name for a dish too. Speaking of cute…your cat looks positively squeezable and darling!

    • Yinzerella says:

      Funny, since Brian is neither! Oh, if Cleve could he’d put Brian in one of those baby Bjorns and carry him around, but Brian is not one for hugs or being picked up.
      And he’s not darling, he’s surly. But I love him anyway.

  12. Jen L says:

    Maybe Brian was insulted by the dinner choice: “Circle Pups” and decided to clean himself to show his annoyance.

  13. Cameron Close says:

    Just saw the Paul Masson commercial, that is a real classic. “Sell no wine before its time” lingered on as a pop saying for quite a while, I forgot where it came from. Paul Masson is long defunct, but actually they made some nice wines, their “Rare Souzao Port in a brown heart shaped bottle was very popular. You still see the empty bottles in flea markets. Fun memories, thanks!

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