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Liberace Day?

According to THIS website, today is LIBERACE DAY. Now, it’s not his birthday, because that’s on May 16 (remember? I did an entire week of Liberace-inspired dishes). So why would today of all days be Liberace Day? Oh, who cares? … Continue reading

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Liberace’s Sticky Buns

OH SWEET CHRIST ON A CRACKER; there are so many bad places I could go with the name of this dish. But I won’t. Because of the children. OK, who the hell am I kidding? There aren’t any children! But … Continue reading

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Wiener Wednesday: A Hot Dog Program

So I thought of something¬†for Wiener Wednesday¬†that I can’t believe I haven’t talked about yet! From filmmaker Rick Sebak, the man who brought us Stuff That’s Gone, Things That Aren’t There Anymore and Sandwiches You Will Like is what may … Continue reading

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100. Crab Louis

Ah, Louie, Louie, oh no, said we gotta go….yah yah yah yah yah yah. OK, so I got that out of the way. Um. No I didn’t. Because that song made me go here: And then that started this stream … Continue reading

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4. Fish Steaks With Herbs (and the Vegas Hiatus)

The blog was on hiatus for a bit because I went to Vegas. So I’m going to take #4 as an opportunity to ramble on about my trip. If you are here solely for the fish dish, you’re gonna have … Continue reading

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