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11. Baked Stuffed Bass

I’m not a fan of seafood that is not of the crustacean variety. I’ve mentioned that fact every time a fish card is drawn. In some cases I have been pleasantly surprised, and in others I’m all “I still don’t … Continue reading

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46. Baked Fish Fillets in White Wine

A quick post for a quick weeknight meal. #46, Baked Fish Fillets in White Wine, includes a lot of things that I like: artichokes, asparagus, lemon, rice pudding, butter and white wine. Lots of white wine. But the main ingredient is … Continue reading

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28. Tuna-Cheese-Macaroni-Loaf

I am a firm believer that the only thing that should come in loaf-form is bread. Even standard ol’ meatloaf is pushing it. It is a line that should never be crossed. Well, the monstrosity that is #28 Tuna-Cheese-Macaroni-Loaf looked at … Continue reading

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