Better Homes & Gardens Vegetable Cookbook: Spinach Delicious

vegetable cook bookThanksgiving is fast approaching! Were you invited to a last-minute Friendsgiving and need to bring a dish? Did you burn the green bean casserole and need a quick substitution?

Well, I’ve got a perfect dish for you. You probably already have all of the ingredients in your refrigerator. It’s Spinach Delicious!

I made this last year to go with the Stuffed Beef Heart and it was a big hit (especially with Todd)–but I forgot to take a picture of it, so I didn’t include it. I actually forgot to post about it twice. But anyhoo, by popular demand, here is the recipe for Spinach Delicious from the Better Homes & Gardens Vegetable Cook Book. 

blog november 001

Really, this couldn’t be any easier. This is done in all of 10 minutes.

spinach delicious

I liken it to a lighter, simpler alternative to traditional creamed spinach. With a bit of a kick (a full 2 tbsp of horseradish! BH&G, you’re crazy!).

Here it is with two of my favorite things–broiled lamb chops and twice-baked potatoes:

lamb chop with spinach and potato

It ain’t fancy. But it’s yummy.  And would go will with all types of meat. I highly recommend this little dish.

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen, but please keep Spinach Delicious in mind on Thanksgiving in case any vegetable emergencies arise.

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Bisquick Impossible Seafood Pie

Another Impossible Pie.

People, I am dead serious about finishing these damn things by the end of this year. As God as my witness, I will complete all 12 of the pies from the “No Time to Cook” booklet!



And I guess that is an accurate title for the book–I’ve made at least half of these. And they are all pretty damn easy.

Let’s see how we did with the Impossible Seafood Pie, shall we?impossible seafood pie recipe

I used fake crab because I had a package in my freezer. And, why would I use really decent crab in a Bisquick recipe? (No offense, Betty Crocker!)

seafood pie ingredients

Believe it or not, those are scallions and not leeks!

I also chose the shredded Mild Cheddar, because, although SHARP American cheese may have existed in 1982, I don’t think it does now.

Anyway, I had a good feeling about this because it was all ingredients that I like. Crab? Good. Green onions? Good. Cheddar? Good. Cream Cheese? Hell yeah!

So, here are pictures of the Impossible Pie, Step By Step (don’t make me unleash NKOTB on you again).

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Joan Crawford’s Danti-Chips

Welcome to the Joan Crawford Virtual Reality Dinner Party!crawford

Jenny, the proprietress of Silver Screen Suppers, hosted the dinner party in celebration of the release of her book, aptly titled, Cooking With Joan Crawford

So, what’s the deal with the dinner party? Like the Pieathalon and Knoxapocalypse before it, bloggers from around the globe joined together and cooked the same weird food. In this case, a 3-course menu featuring recipes attributed to the screen legend herself:

  • Danti-Chips
  • Steak with Roquefort
  • Crepes Suzette

I, because I was going to a party at Casa del Rick & Ronny, didn’t do the entire dinner, so I decided to make the first course: Joan Crawford’s Danti-Chips. I don’t know if it is supposed to be pronounced like “dainty” or “dante” or “dan-tee.” But whatever.

dantichiprecipeAlthough Jenny went rogue and mucked about with the ingredients and the order in which they are layered, I faithfully followed Ms. Crawford’s instructions–for fear that her ghost come at me with a wire hanger.



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Me & McRib: A Love Story

An amazing thing happened to me this weekend. I ATE A McRIB!



How did this happen considering that the powers that be didn’t bring the McRib to the greater Baltimore metropolitan area…?

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For National Sandwich Day: Isaly’s Chipped Ham Barbecue

Yesterday was National Sandwich Day, which, should be celebrated nationally. It would have absolutely thrilled me to observe the day with a McRib, but, alas, the damn things never made it anywhere near BaltimoreWanted: McRib

So, I made a barbecue sandwich of a different sort, Pittsburgh’s second-most favorite sandwich (after Primanti’s), the chipped ham barbecue.

I featured this sandwich once before, and it was excellent. So I decided to do it again. But this time I made a much smaller amount, enough for two sandwiches. One that I had for dinner last night. And one that I will have for dinner tonight while I finally put all of my clothing in drawers

Let me note that this whole moving-into-a-new-house thing is quite the undertaking. But it will be worth it.

Look, Ma! A real stove!

my stove

Can you believe it? It’s not fancy or anything. But it works. And it’s big enough to fit a cookie sheet. isaly ham bbqAnd I did indeed use a cookie sheet to bake the little curly fries that I made to go with my sandwich, but first, let’s get to the sandwich.

No, I did not use the recipe on the right. I did my own little version (which is based on the recipe that I used the last time I made these). But I think I am going to have to try the little recipe above because it says that they are WONDERFUL. And, there’s only only 6 ingredients.

Here’s my version: Continue reading

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Microwave Jack O’ Lantern Salad

Sorry I’ve been AWOL, kittens. But I do have a very good reason–I just moved into my very own house!

The house is a work in progress. Very much a work in progress. In the second bedroom it looks a closet exploded–just clothes and clothes and clothes everywhere. And there are boxes filled with random shit in each room. I need to fix that STAT because my beloved Ohioans, Todd and Leah are staying with me next weekend. Huzzah!

But I digress.

Even though there is so much unpacking left to do at my new abode, I still took the time to make a dish for my office’s annual Halloween Pot Luck Luncheon.

I decided to make this recipe, which I posted on the DiS! Facebook page earlier this week.


I don’t know from what cookbook this comes or what year it was published. I just came across this on the interwebz. I am guessing early 80s.

It’s a good thing I picked a microwave dish because apparently the pilot light in my oven isn’t on and I have to light it. Or I have to turn on the gas. Both scenarios scare me.

Emily go boom.

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Yinz Sound Like Jagoffs

It’s official.

Yinzer, a.k.a. the official language of Pittsburgh, has been voted the


I am oddly proud.

Here is a fabulous example of the horrendous accent:

As is this:

I chose this Pittsburgh Dad one because I will be making a sojourn to IKEA this weekend–for my new hause n’at. I don’t need a cauch, but I will prolly get some meatbawls. And I want the giant print of the Pixburgh skyline to hang behind my cauch and pretend I’m doin the news wit Sally Wiggin.

That video made me laugh so hard.

I really want a hoagie right now.

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Orioles Magic Cheese Ball

You remember that time Elaine wore the Orioles hat to the Yankees game?

So, did ya hear that the Baltimore Orioles have made it to the American League Championship Series?

Baltimore is buzzing with excitement over the prospect of the team making it to the World Series. The city is awash in orange (even the Ravens’ football stadium). Everyone is wearing jerseys and tees and showing their civic (ok, baseball) pride.

On Sunday, for the game that ended a 3-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers, I was invited to go down to southern Maryland for a watch party.

Everyone was to wear orange and bring an orange food, so for this little Orioles-themed shindig I decided to make a cheese ball. I would have made an orange Jell-O, but all of my molds are already packed.

I’m rather fond of the cheese ball; I’ve made them before. And it gave me a chance to clean out some stuff that was already in my fridge.

In fact, the only thing that I had to buy was a block of cream cheese.

cheese ball ingredients


So, the ingredients were (in all their vague glory):

  • 8 oz block of cream cheese
  • the remainder of a tub of pimiento cheese spread
  • the remainder of a jar of sliced pimentos
  • the remainder of an 8oz bag of shredded mild cheddar
  • some cheese from a block of Red Fox Leicester Cheddar (delicious, btw)
  • a splash of beer
  • some grated horseradish
  • some mustard
  • poppy seeds

I think that’s it. Anyway, I threw it all in the mixer.

cheese ball mix

And it came out like this:

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Brian & Britney


 I have been slacking on the blog-front because I’m kinda busy. Like, super-busy.

Do you see that giant pile of crap behind Britney?

Those are boxes.

Why are there so many boxes, you ask…?

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Yorkshire Chicken

DSCN0593Happy Autumn!

The Equinox has come and gone and we are enjoying some very fall-like weather here in Maryland. There is a definite chill in the air, as well as lots of rain.

It’s an absolutely perfect time for comfort food. And I think that casseroles, particularly chicken casseroles, are extra comfy.

This Yorkshire Chicken recipe comes from the cookbook Favorite Recipes from the Outer Banks Woman’s Club.


Nothing weird here. The only thing that I did in the way of substitution was swap out Poultry Seasoning for the ground sage. Because I didn’t have sage. And in the milk mix I put in dried parsley and dried thyme. But aside from that, I followed Ms. Barbara Sherman’s recipe to the T.

Yeah, electric skillet!

DSCN0595 DSCN0594

It’s amazing how close to a fried chicken it turned out like at this point. I might have to remember to do this little shake n’ bake technique with some smaller pieces of chicken and see if I can get them cooked all the way through.

DSCN0596 DSCN0597 DSCN0598

I baked it closer to 1 hr 20 minutes because, you know, apartment oven.

This is how stupid I am–I thought that somehow this would end up being a gravy and not a bread. But–hell-O?!?! It’s Yorkshire. Like, as in Yorkshire pudding? Of course this would be exactly what it was:

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