157. Turkey Wings in Dill Sauce

Well, kittens, here I am again at jury duty! Goddamned Baltimore City gets me every year. Back in 2013 I picked up a guy at jury duty. I wrote about it (and some Veal Parmigiana) I tell the story about how I went out with him only once because he was too young for me. I mused:

The older I get, and the longer I stay single, the younger my dating pool will become. You see, I don’t get hit on by single men in their thirties because They. Don’t. Exist….So I am left with Jury Duty Guy. And the 22 and 23-year-olds who hit on me at ibar.

But really, is that all there is? Am I now destined to be with children of the mid to (and god-forbid) late 80s?

Fast forward to now: I’m turning 40 later this month.

Mr. Sauce was born in 1988.

I fucking called it.

But I digress. Back to the joy that is Baltimore City Jury Duty!

I arrived late today. 8:20 AM instead of 8. But that didn’t matter a smidge. My group (in the Quiet Room) wasn’t called for registration until nearly 11 AM.

My dear friends, as I write this, it is 11:44 AM and lunch is scheduled for 12:30. Not a single group has been called in for voir dire. Since they forgot about us, I think they should just let us go home. Right?

Whatever. This is card 159. Turkey Wings in Dill Sauce.

I used my Instant Pot for this dinner. I love my Instant Pot and use it at least once a week; but this was my first foray into pressure cooking. Very exciting.

Mr. Sauce wanted to eat at 7:30. So 7:30 was my goal. This is one of those dinners where I took notes the entire time. Let’s get to it.

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Holly Ball 2018

It’s the last post of 2018!

Earlier this month I had a Christmas party!

Yes, Mr. Sauce and I decided to join forces and have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tapdanced with Danny Fucking Kaye.

Related image

OK, it wasn’t that. But it was our first co-party and it was a swinging shindig–with a theme–BALLS!

Yes, BALLS. Nothing was going to be served that wasn’t ball-shaped and/or could be put on a toothpick.

  • Spinach Balls
  • Italian Meatballs
  • Celery Balls (500 Tasty Snacks–Ideas for Entertaining by the Culinary Arts Institute, 1950)
  • Caprese Salad Stix
  • Gruyere Cheese Balls (The Big Beautiful Book of Hors D’Oeurves by Julia Weinberg, 1980)
  • Curried Meatballs (The Playboy Gourmet by Thomas Mario, 1977)
  • Pizza Balls
  • A big cheese ball
  • Black Olives with Garlic (The New York Times Cookbook by Craig Claiborne, 1961)
  • Bourbon Balls

I also had queso, because every party should have queso.

And to continue the theme, some of our guests brought balls, too! Munchkins, truffles, cream puffs, and star crunches.

Balls for everyone!

A note: the Curried Meatballs were a huge hit. The Gruyere Balls were ok, but I actually had to deep-fry, so I ain’t making those again. The Celery Balls were good in theory–but the celery made the mix too wet so the cheese balls didn’t really mold well. The Black Olives were damn good. And I’d make those anytime.

If you want any of those recipes, just ask.

Shrimp Sputnik was also especially breathtaking (it is shrimp attached with toothpicks to a sphere, so it counts as a ball food).

It was 2 pounds of shrimp on a 3 pound cabbage.

shrimp sputnik

It was a real show-stopper.

Literally. It was so goddamned heavy that I had to tell people to clear a path from the kitchen to the buffet table because of its size.

OH! And I also made a punch. Because I love punch. I called it Christmas Cosmopolitan


Christmas Cosmopolitan Punch

It was cranberry juice, citrus vodka, triple-sec, Seven-Up and slices of lime. It was a giant Cosmopolitan. It featured an ice ring made with my homemade cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving.

I cannot recommend making a party punch enough. Have wine, beer, and punch. You just fill it up throughout the evening and add frozen fruit to chill it and it can be served in any type of glass.

The ball theme was rather brilliant. No cutlery, plastic or otherwise. So clean up was a breeze!

Since this was  a success, I plan on having another party next year. I can’t wait for Holly Ball 2019!

Happy New Year everyone. Brian Boitano, Margot and I hope that you and yours have a kick-ass 2019.

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185. Eggs Benedict

I know I am in the minority when I say that I love “falling back.” I love the fact that I woke up refreshed and am writing this before 8am on a beautiful, sunny, blue-skied Sunday morning. It doesn’t bother me that the days get longer. It getting darker earlier makes me want to go to sleep earlier. I love all of it.

So, here I am, on my laptop at 7:45am, sitting with a nice glass of orange juice and watching 90s sitcom reruns on TBS. And since it is the morning, I’m going to share with you 185. Eggs Benedict.

Although I made it for a weeknight dinner. Dinner is Served 1972 said it is ok: If serving this menu for dinner, bake or buy cookies for  dessert and use the melons balls as an appetizer.

(can I apologize for how frickin huge all of my photos are? If I scale them down wordpress won’t let me rotate them. It is terribly annoying. I am sorry).

Mr. Sauce wanted dinner at 7:30. According to the handy-dandy timeline provided by Dinner is Served, No. 158 should–SHOULD–take all of 1 hour; but we all know that the timelines are typically all kinds of wrong, so I started at 6:00. I wanted to get ahead of it.

So here is what went down:

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BH&G Pies and Cakes: Strawberry Sunshine Pie (1966)

This week I’ve been sick with a bad cold and stayed home from work the majority of the week–which is good because I was at a very low-functioning level.

Like, I could focus and do things in bursts, but then I’d nap for an hour. Or 3.

I’m on the mend, I mean, I feel 100 times better now, but on day 2 of my cold, I was so congested and my sinuses were so stuffed that I wanted to just rip my face off. So then I thought, OMG, is this how Brian feels all of the time? I can understand not wanting to eat, or do anything if you feel like this. What am I doing with this poor cat? I am killing the cat. I have to go lie down.

It me:

Medicine head. But DayQuil should not do this to me!

And now, a Brian update!

The last time we shoved down an antibiotic down his throat, he subsequently scurried around the apartment while mucous oozed out of his mouth for a good half hour. We spent that half hour following him around with paper towels. And then he barfed all over a pile of Mr. Sauce’s work documents.

We have not given an antibiotic since.

I don’t know if snot-fest cleared out everything that was in his head, but currently his nose is clear and he doesn’t sound like an old man with emphysema. He is eating like crazy–he’s absolutely ravenous.

He is not only back to snuggling with Margot, he is sleeping in bed with us at night! I mean, this is something that he has never done before. And he’s allowed to do so because he is now a quiet sleeper.

I’d like to believe that this is because he loves me; but maybe it’s because it’s getting colder out. Maybe he’s finally resigned himself to the fact that Mr. Sauce will not be leaving his spot. Anything but he feels so bad that he needs to be with us at night.

I’m not going to question why this has happened; I’m just going to be thankful and happy.

Oh, I made this Sunshine Pie over the summer.

(sorry for the wonky photo formatting. computers have not been my friend as of late).  Continue reading

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BH&G Meat Cook Book: Lamb Shanks (1971)

I’ve had a hard time wanting to write lately because I don’t want to do much of anything.

Maybe because I have been tending to a sick cat all summer. Brian is perpetually congested. He has lost weight and, before his newest antibiotic, his face was covered in snot of many colors.  His incessant wheezing and sneezing and snorting and wheezing was relentless. It haunts me. Even though he’s not making as much noise as he was last month, I still hear him making noise.

The noise and the snot situation has improved greatly since I switched to a new antibiotic, but it makes him nauseous so he throws up after he eats.

I’ve been cooking up little chicken liver for him, and he loves it so, but it inevitably comes back up.

I feel like I am being a very neglectful pet owner. I mean, it’s downright embarrassing that he sounds and looks the way he does. So for the moment I just give him the pills and take him into the shower with me to “steam” and clean his airways.

I don’t know if anything is going to get better. Every once in a while I feel like that there’s a chance that it’s getting better; but if it’s not snot, it’s puke.

I’m just trying to make sure that things don’t get worse. I’m going to call the vet tonight.

Here’s Margot trying to make him feel better:

Which didn’t really help because it inevitably turned into fighting.

Anyhoo! Although I haven’t been writing, I have been cooking. So here’s a dish from 1971!

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Italian American Favorite Recipes A.C.I.M.: Sicilian Artichokes

Since I was a small child, my dad has been telling me how delicious his mother’s stuffed artichokes were. I mean, a lot. This comes up every time I see them. So I finally decided to give them a shot.

As for the recipe,

My grandfather is a wee boy on the back of a donkey, his mother comes out of the house holding a giant pot full of steaming stuffed artichokes–calling him, “Giacomo! Dinner!”

OK, none of this happened. Besides, the recipe was from my grandma’s side of the family.

I found a recipe for stuffed artichokes in this estate sale find, Italian American Favorite Recipes compiled by the friends and members of the American Committee on Italian Migration.

I have no clue what the year is on this

What the hell is the A.C.I.M.???

Of course I had to do some research on this.

QUICK HISTORY LESSON! From the Center for Migration Studies….

The American Committee on Italian Migration (ACIM) was organized in February 1952 as a member agency of the National Catholic Resettlement Council, which later formed part of the National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC). From its inception, ACIM’s chief objective was the liberalization of the United States immigration policy that, as delineated in the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952, rested upon a restrictive “national origins” quota. ACIM undertook a wide range of activities, from raising funds to sponsoring new Italian immigrants into the United States and promoting new immigration legislation by Congress. This collection contains additional materials donated to CMS by ACIM in 2003, mostly documenting ACIM’s work in the 1970s-1990s. The collection contains office files and case records pertaining to lobbying US Congress regarding immigration law, and to the assistance of Italian immigrants in Italy and the United States.

So basically, this group brought Italian immigrants to the US and then helping them once they got here. For more visit THIS SITE.

Speaking of groups, Mr. Sauce and I are going to join the Sons of Italy lodge here in Baltimore so we can get in on some bocce and Friday Night Dinners.  Who knows, maybe they have a cookbook!

Anyhoo! Here is  the recipe for the artichokes, courtesy of Ms. Rose Cuba:


And this is the end result:

It looks nice!

The stuffing, because it was steamed, was just kind of an under-cooked blob inside tasty artichoke leaves. I don’t know what exactly would save this. Maybe less bread crumbs and more cheese? More of a melty cheese?

I now own an InstaPot (thank you brother  and sister-in-law of Mr. Sauce!), so steaming artichokes is supposed to be ultra-easy. Perhaps in the future I’ll tweak this recipe and give them another go.

Also, I was desperately trying to get Mr. Sauce to dress up for Halloween as Dorothy Zbornak and I’d go as Sophia Petrillo. For a moment I thought he was in–but now it looks like I’ll be dressing up as a different Dorothy–one with ruby slippers.

Unless I can convince him to do this….


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151. Baked Stuffed Redsnapper Fillets

Now, after the fever dream that was 197. Pork Chops and Scalloped Potatoes, I present a more conventional post–one that a revolves around the act of cooking and the food. I even took detailed, time-stamped notes like I used to back in the day.

Speaking of back in the day, I made this so long ago that I can tell you nothing about the specifics of this dish. You know how long ago? April. I made this is April. 

Needless to say, I will just be transcribing my handwritten notes (with an aside or 2).

151. Baked Stuffed Redsnapper Fillets!


And. Away. We. GO!

Using flounder. No red snapper

no canned baby shrimp, so cooked up five of 21-25 shrimp

Cottage-fried potatoes. WTF is a cottage-fried potato?

Pg. 365 of BH&G New Cookbook.

1st Edition, 4th printing, 1953

(ed. note) I don’t have a picture of the recipe. But here it is:

Cook potatoes in jackets. Remove skins; slice or dice; fry in bacon drippings or other fat until brown and crisp, turning frequently. Add salt and pepper. 

Potatoes in Jackets–is that a British term? I mean, it’s just a baked potato. I am going to use the timeline card and peel/cut when told to do so. Supposed to take 2 hours.

4:30 put potatoes in oven

4:31 cook shrimp

5:15 thawing fish. That’s like “cleaning.”

5:30 stuffing mix. Looks very eggy–needs more bread crumbs! Added 2 tbsp panko and sprinkle of herbs de provence

5:45 fish defrosted!

these fillets are so thin! I am using 2 fillets. One as base and the other to be split and stuffed with shrimp

6pm fish in oven–peel and cut potatoes

6:06 clean asparagus

6:15 OH. I apparently mixed steps. Fish should not be in yet. I put the fish in too early!

Cooking potato. Browning in garlic, olive oil.

Shit. Why did I do that?
I have water on stove ready to boil for asparagus.

6:18 some potatoes frying. Starting mock Hollandaise

6:25 Hollandaise on in a moment. 6 minutes on fish.

AAHHH (ed. note: I actually wrote AAHHH down)

6:35 Just put fish back in after basting with butter. It didn’t flake, although meat thermometer had it at like 180 degrees–that’s not possible. 180? A little more it goes. 5 minutes on timer.

Hell broke loose 10 minutes ago. Yelling at Mr. Sauce. SLICE THE BANANA FOR THE FRUIT SALAD!

6:42 running around for pics

6:50 sitting and eating

And there you have it.

Started at 4:30. Sat at 6:50. Not bad. And I tried with the photo. It’s funny how sad a flat-leaf parsley garnish looks.

Like I said, I don’t remember shit about this dinner. It was 5 months ago–about when Mr. Sauce was officially moving into DiS1972 Headquarters.


That was a loooong time ago. What have I been doing in the past 5 months that I’m only getting to this one now?

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197. Pork Chops and Scalloped Potatoes

Sooooooo, sometimes I will half-write a post, put it in my draft folder, and return to it at a much later date.

This is definitely one of those instances.

Yesterday I opened this post and had no idea what the hell I was reading. Turns out that what I discovered may be the greatest stream-of-consciousness/free-verse poem I’ve ever written. I mean, it’s really something.


Bush bake beans

hunts snack pack pudding

mrs butterworth syrup

If only I had one of those items and that Dave guy, who I always get confused with Joe Izuzu. Subaru? Was that a car? Izusu?

This show is just pure insanity. I just watched a college kid and his mum have no idea that stouffer’s was in the frozen food aisle. They were wandering purposefully aimlessly.

This show is such a timewarp. oh the number of defunct 1990s food brands!

Fever dream of Price is Right, Word Jumble, Wheel of Fortune, and Pyramid and a Scavenger Hunt Double Dare obstacle course to top it off. BIG SWEEP It’s just insane.

OMG is this game bad. They LOVE a scrambled word game.


This or That? Earn 10 seconds if you are correct–wrong? Your opponents get 10. NO, you idiot. Ketchup has more calories than mustard. Obviously this guy has never had to do a weight loss program. Mustard is a dieting gal’s best friend.


I love that they put them in color coordinated sweatshrit swith numbers on them like they are thing 1 and thing 2 and thing 3 from the Dr. Suess book. And, of course, they all have their collars sticking out.

JELLY BELLY and that International Bread Station–a giant pretzel!

olive oil is 23 dollars a container.

5 of each limited.

batteries and charcoal

I want a stuffed bonus Weinermobile!

“bounties of Tide!”

salien solutionf

stupid teenager forfeited a giant coca cola stuffed polar bear to try to grab a few more packs of huggies.


Watching a grown man juggle 5 canisters of metamucil in his arms while trying to drag a giant pack of Big Red down the health and beauty aisle while a middle aged woman tries to wrangle giant gold-foil wrapped hams.

Was Pert Plus really that expensive?

Karen and Michelle with their mom hair and their mom jeans and their KSwiss sneakers.

OH,they got the Dove Soap. And the Campbell’s Soup. And the Arizona Iced Tea. I told you these ladies had this shit down on lock.

I’m into episode 3.

It’s wonderful. It’s wild, it’s amazing. You’ll never know what happens on Supermarket Sweep.

Shit, why don’t they bring this back?

I hate Guy Fieri, but I love GGG, I guess because it is the

A guy named Kris with a mustache barreling down the aisles trying to find magic Jello and get it back to the register in time. He nearly propelled himself into the frozen foods section. Dave Izuzu had to grab him by the arm so he didn’t take out the camera crew.

Sensible sweater sets.

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That Cosmopolitan Man, Burt Reynolds

So I’ve been temporarily banned from Facebook because I shared the iconic Burt Reynolds’ 1972 Cosmopolitan spread.

The photo apparently violates Facebook’s policy on nudity and sexuality.

The same exact photo that has appeared on the Dinner is Served 1972 Facebook page multiple times over the past seven years.

You all know it.

Because it is legendary.Yeah, that photo is offensive.

Unanimously offensive!

Facebook has issued formal apologies to users, like yours truly, who had the photo removed.

So, you’re sorry. Whatever.

Let’s examine the possible reasons why a photo such as this–where there is no actual nudity–would be ‘banned.’

Reasons could include:

  • absolute double standards as to what is or is not considered nudity based on the male gaze
  • the dead animal rug
  • an amount of body hair goes against the current trends in male grooming
  • threatened masculinity in the presence of that amount of MAN.

Feel free to add your own reasons.

OH! And it’s not Facebook that’s necessarily doing it. I’ve been informed that in order for a post is deemed ‘inappropriate’ someone has to ‘report’ it to the Facebook powers that be.

So who the hell is the prudish fuddy duddy is that keeps putting this under the category of porn?


I can’t share this on Facebook. Because: banned. But if you want to fight the power, please like the Dinner Is Served 1972 page and share this link!

But not this photo. Burt’s bum may get you banned for LIFE.






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BH&G All-Time Favorite Salad Recipes: Crab-Stuffed Avocados (1984)

So, is it as hot wherever you are as it is here?

We’re enjoying another Code Red Heat Alert Day here in Baltimore City.

That basically means that no matter what you do, as soon as you get outside–you’re gonna have swamp ass.

Triple degree heat indexes for everyone!

I am currently enjoying central AC, and I hope that you are, too.

Because, if you aren’t, you’ve probably already died from heat stroke. And that sucks.

Sorry you died.

But if you have survived the heat (or you are a lucky jagoff who is somewhere where it’s not a bazillion degrees) I offer you some chilled fare that is fitting for this nasty-ass weather: Crab-Stuffed Avocados.

It’s the dish in the lower right hand corner of the cover of Better Homes and Gardens All-Time Favorite Salad Recipes (1984).

I made a very similar dish back in 2014, Avocado and Egg Salad, which is from the same cookbook. And I made that dish in 2014 because, like now, it’s HOT AS BALLS out and I didn’t want to turn on the oven.

This is the recipe for the Avocado and Egg Salad:

And this is the one for the Crab-Stuffed Avocados:

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