Canada Box: Filet O’ Fish Sauce

It’s the first Friday of Lent (if you’re into that kind of thing). And since it’s the first Friday of Lent, I assume that those who do follow the teachings of Cathol are looking for a good Friday fish dish.

And so I give you my homemade Filet o’ Fish thanks to the McDonald’s Filet o’ Fish sauce from Canada Box!

Bun, frozen fish filets, fake-y American cheese, and Filet o’ Fish sauce = a legit Filet o’ Fish.

This was good. So good I had it again for dinner the next evening.

Do you see the glass in that photo?

Take a closer look:

Filet o’ Fish Lake! How adorable is that?

Little fish even kinda looks like a sandwich!

The little hooligans are totally disregarding the “No Swimming” sign and jumping into the lake.

As is Ronald McDonald, I suppose, although it looks more like he’s twerking. 

Yes, I googled Ronald McDonald Twerking.

Some of the results are fabulous.

But this is the best. It is a celebration of both Big Macs and booty.

Budda bap bap baaaaaap she lovin’ it.

Also, do you know what Lent means??? Shamrock Shake season is officially open!!!

I am filled with glee.

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Canada Box: St. Huber Poutine Gravy Mix

It’s time for some Poutine!

This is one of those dishes that I knew about for so long but had never given it a whirl. And to be honest, I don’t know if I had ever tried it before. So when I made this one weeknight evening, I not only got to introduce Poutine to Mr. Sauce (who has moved in with me, btw), it was my introduction to Poutine as well.

I received this package of Poutine gravy mix in the Canada Box. I just had to supply the fries and cheese curds.

For some reason or another I knew that at MOM’s Organic they carry cheese curds.

I don’t know why I know this because I really don’t buy anything else there. Have you been to a MOM’s? It’s like a smaller Whole Foods.

Honestly, I feel like a fraud when I’m in there–I’m not a vegan who wants to eat organic and have a wheatgrass juice. And I am sure that I use health and beauty products that are probably killing the dolphins somehow.

Plus, they sell cricket products. Like, food made of crickets. There aren’t live crickets there, but I still divert my eyes from that section when I am grabbing seaweed snacks and Mary’s Gone Crackers when I’m in that aisle.

But whatever. I sucked it up, went in, and bought the cheese curds.

As I was making the instant gravy:

Mr. Sauce: What the hell is Poutine?

Me: They’re French fries with gravy. And cheese curds.

Mr. Sauce: So, they’re like Disco Fries?

Me: Yeah, I guess they’re like Disco Fries (I don’t know exactly what Disco Fries are).

Mr. Sauce: But what the hell is a cheese curd?

Me: I don’t know. I think it’s the leftovers when they make cheese? They eat them in Wisconsin.***

Mr. Sauce: What?

Me: Let’s just try them.

Damn. These were good. So good that I put the extra gravy in little baggies and froze them for future use.

I’ll still have to go into the MOM’s for more cheese curds, but I’ll survive.

There is still more to come from the Canada Box! I think I’m going to dig into some of that candy tonight. 

***If you want to learn more about cheese curds, click HERE. Apparently I wasn’t too far off on my cheese curd knowledge.

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Happy Groundhog Day 2018!

Happy Groundhog Day!

Dear friends, Greetings from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania!

Actually, nearby DuBois, PA because Punxy is teeny-tiny. Regardless, I AM HERE!

Waking up at 4:30 am EST tomorrow to get on a bus and go to Gobbler’s Knob and watch a groundhog be pulled out of a burrow as drunken people cheer.

I have always wanted to make the trip, but this year I finally have the perfect reason to go–I am treating Mr. Sauce, Esq. to a birthday trip. Yes, February 2nd is his birthday.

I hope to post LIVE updates tomorrow on the Facebook page  from Gobbler`s Knob tomorrow, but in the meantime, here is a fantastic Groundhog Day post from a couple of years ago.

Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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186. Chocolate Ripple Coffee Cake (with Canadian Bacon)


My Celebration of Canadian Food Stuffs rolls on with card 186, which features Canadian Bacon.

First, let me tell you about the Canadian bacon.

Mr. Sauce, Esq. and I wanted to be all autumnal back in October and do a corn-maze/pumpkin picking day. We found a little farm in Woodstock, MD called Strohmer’s. We did a hay ride and pet the donkeys and a goat and found whatever the hell this is:

for reference, Mr. Sauce is 6’4″

Seriously, what is that? A giant bean? Snake gourd? Is snake gourd a thing?

Anyway, the highlight was the Meat Shack at the farm. Yes. MEAT. SHACK. We dropped over $70 on assorted meats. We bought Italian Sausage, Hot Dogs, Country-Style Pork Ribs, something I can’t remember and the aforementioned Canadian Bacon.

We’ve eaten it all (you’ll see the hot dogs in the future) and have enjoyed every single bite.

Now back to the brunch. The headliner of this “very impressive brunch menu” (it says so on the card) is the Chocolate Ripple Coffee Cake.

Yay. Baking. I love to bake.

I so don’t love to bake.

The recipe was pretty standard. Except for the”pre-sweetened chocolate instant cocoa powder.” They meant like Swiss Miss, right? Well, I didn’t have that, but I did have Coffee Crisp hot coco drink mix from the Canada Box.

So this brunch was going to be EXTRA-Canadian.

Here is the finished product:

The only thing missing here is some maple syrup

I was really impressed with the cake. I made it from scratch. A cake. An actual, edible cake. That came out in one piece. From a bundt pan.


I shocked myself with it, to be honest. I might have done a little bit of a happy dance when it popped out of the pan.

Not only did it look good, it tasted good.  Since the hot cocoa mix is coffee-flavored, the coffee cake was really a coffee cake.

So there you have it! Canadian Chocolate Ripple Coffee Cake and Canadian Bacon, a very impressive brunch, indeed!

Please ignore the mess of scrambled eggs in the bottom left-hand corner. It was a failed experiment involving an individually sized ring mold.

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New Year Chinese Feast 2017 (Happy National Buffet Day!)

This year is over. Finally. Our national nightmare rages on, but we made it to the other side of Year One.

And January 2 is (was) National Buffet Day! (I started writing this yesterday but didn’t post until today, so sue me).

Question: what is the difference between a smorgasbord, a potluck, or a buffet?

Answer: I don’t know. And I’m too lazy to google. You tell me!

So, related/non-related: this year I revived my New Year’s Eve tradition of making a large amount of Chinese food; and I bought some new cookbooks just for the occasion!

The planned menu was extensive. With many courses–8 to be exact.

This would be party/buffet-worthy, yet I cooked just for me and Mr. Sauce, Esq.

Why? Because that’s how I roll. Did I tell you that I am certifiably insane?

Anyway, eight planned courses. But this is what I actually made.

First course:

Marble tea eggs (hard boiled eggs scented with tea and star anise), Pickled Cabbage, Peking Style (spicy pickle) Shanghai Braised Black Mushrooms (sherry, soy, sesame oil), Korean Bean Sprout Salad

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Canada Box: McChicken Sauce

“McDonald’s uses a secret sauce with a cult following you didn’t know existed” 

True. I didn’t know that it existed. But now I do. It’s McChicken sauce. From Canada.

Now, domestic McChickens are slathered with regular ol’ mayo, but all of Canada lost its collective mind when this hit store shelves because people like it so much.

I was very excited that a bottle arrived in my Canada Box. And extra-stoked to try something that has a cult following.

Verdict? It’s good.  It’s basically mayo with a bit of mustard. But it is better than that. I can’t quite explain it.  And it was perfect on a chicken patty and bun with some shredded lettuce.

This gets a big thumbs up.

I couldn’t find a Canadian McChicken commercial, but this Brazilian commercial from 1991 is pretty sweet:

There is more from Canada Box coming soon. Look at all that good shit!


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171. Rosy Glazed Pork Chops

Card 171 is noteworthy because it is the last Dinner is Served 1972 dinner prepared in my house.

Yeah, if I hadn’t mentioned it already, I MOVED! Back in April I relocated Dinner Is Served HQ from my little early 1910-ish Baltimore row home and moved into a high-rise condo that was built in the late 1970s.

But before I get into that, here is Rosy Pork Chops:

This was so long ago that I can’t even tell you how it was, but I got to use my Veg-O-Matic for the parsleyed potato sticks, which made me very happy. And I made strawberry fluff. So, that was all a win. It was also the first dinner I cooked for Mr. Sauce, Esq.

Now back to the condo! It was move-in ready, but I got rid of some bad wallpaper and did a bit of kitchen renovation.

Click through to see before and afters.

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Canada Box: Big Mac Sauce

Back in October, I found out that McDonald’s Big Mac sauce was available in bottles.

But only in Canada.

I expressed my disappointment on my Facebook page and DiS!1972-fan Alicia offered to send me Big Mac sauce as well as Filet o’ Fish Sauce and McChicken Sauce (McChicken sauce is something I will get into in the future).

Well, Alicia is my favorite person in the world because she not only sent me the three sauces, but an entire treasure chest of Canadian foodstuffs!

I call it CANADA BOX. And I will be eating my way through it and writing about each item.

But first! BIG MAC SAUCE.

Of course it wasn’t enough to just slap the sauce on a burger. I had to make my very own version of the iconic classic.

So I grabbed two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun………

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#FoodInFilm “Bye Bye Birdie” Pink Champagne

So, Jenny over at Silver Screen Suppers informed me that there is another little blogathon going on this weekend. This time, focusing on food that appears in–or is inspired by–a film. Hence, the fitting hashtag #FoodInFilm.

Well, that’s right up my alley!

For my #FoodInFilm submission I chose one of my all-time favorites, the movie musical, Bye Bye Birdie (1963).

Choreographer Onna White. I always wondered if she was related to Vanna.

I was introduced to this movie by my mum. She recorded it off of the tv I had her copy of the soundtrack on vinyl.

I loved it. The songs were fun, the costumes were all technicolored, it was an idealized 1960s candy land. It’s what I hoped being a teenager was like (but of course, was not).

Most importantly, it introduced me to the force of nature that is Ann-Margret.

I wanted to BE Ann-Margret. I still want to be Ann-Margret. I wanted the big fluffy green sweater that she wore in “How Lovely to Be a Woman,” I wanted the pink, wasp-waisted dress with the puffy sleeves she wore when she met Conrad Birdie.

But most of all, I wanted the insane, fluffy-yet-skin-tight, pink ensemble that she wore during “Lot of Livin.”

What a number!

During her verse, she sings:

Drink champagne, as if it were water.

Pink champagne, and after a few,

daddy dear, you won’t know your daughter!

She’s got a lot of livin to do!

As a little kid I thought that pink champagne was the most glamorous, fanciest, classiest, adult thing that ever existed.

So I am thrilled that rose has made a big comeback and is on most cocktail menus.

And believe you me–every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I order a glass, I hear Ann-Margret singing those lines in my head.

But what if you don’t have pink champagne?

You make your own. Duh.

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It’s National Seafood Bisque Day!

In honor of today being National Seafood Bisque Day, I am presenting to you an UPDATED & REVISED version of this post, which appeared on DiS1972 exactly one year ago today….

Back in June 2016, I was at the wedding of two of my dear friends Erin & Anthony. At my assigned table it was me, my date, my friends Dan & Jon, some people I didn’t know, and my friend Ed. and his date.

Anyway, the wedding ceremony is all said and done and we are getting all settled at the table, this is the conversation I have with the girl accompanying Ed:

Me: Hi, you must be Ed’s girlfriend who I’ve heard so much about!

Girl: No, I’m not.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

Girl: We got engaged 3 weeks ago!!!

Me: Oh! Wow! Congratulations! You know, for the longest time Ed and I were the only single people in this circle of friends.

Ed: Don’t worry, Emily. Someone will get divorced eventually.


I’m not single! Do you not see that I have a date?

Ah. Eventual Divorce is what will save me from being the lone singleton in a sea of smug marrieds! One day



I will have a bitter, sad, divorced friend to commiserate with. Great. Thanks, Ed.

However, statistically, he’s right. 42% of marriages end in divorce and I have a 5% chance of ever marrying. So, yeah. Truth.

But that’s not the point–although that is a very sobering point–the point is, who the fuck says that at someone’s wedding?


For real. Like, totally.

OK, let’s get to this dish.

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