Bisquick Impossible Pies: Zucchini-Tomato Pie

So, it turned out that I didn’t make all 12 the Bisquick Impossible Pies from The Bisquick “No Time To Cook Recipe Book” (1983) like I thought I did. I don’t know how I missed one, but I did–Zucchini-Tomato Pie.


I love me an Impossible pie. I say this to Impossible Pies:

That is, except for the Brownie Pie.

Brownie Pie can suck it.

Related/unrelated: anyone else watch the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10?

My reaction to that:

Anyway, Impossible Zucchini-Tomato Pie.

This recipe has been sitting around, unmade for 4 years.

But I finally remedied that. Here it is:

How you like that garnish?

This was pretty damn good.  It had a more substantial “pie crust” part at the bottom of it. Maybe because I used Gluten-Free Bisquick (and put in more than the recipe called for)?

And it was totally pizza-ish. I sprinkled some oregano and red pepper flakes on the leftovers and it totally tasted like pizza.

So there you have it! All TWELVE of the Bisquick Impossible Pies!

I have another Gluten-Free Bisquick recipe in the pipeline from my 1973 copy of Betty Crocker’s Bisquick Cookbook.

I’ll be sharing that one soon!


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BH&G Barbecue Book: Blue Cheese Slaw (1967)

So, is everyone else already over summer or is it just me?

No? You summer-lovers are a mystery to me.

I am NOT a fan of the season. Sun. Heat. Sweat. Bugs. It’s been in the mid 90s for almost a week and it looks like there’s no end in sight. I hate it. I hate heat.

But I don’t know which I hate more, heat or sun. I like to joke that my skin hasn’t seen direct sunlight since 1997–I hide from the sun like a goddamned vampire and slather myself in sunscreen year-round. On the plus side, I look good in large hats and sunglasses.

I am not a pool person, but my condo overlooks what I like to call the Shady Lady Pool. It is surrounded by trees, so as the day goes along, you can be in the sun or in the shade. One of my favorite things ever is being able to swim without the fear of sunburn.

I think I came down to the pool all of 5 times last year. And that was over the course of the entire summer. I think I am going to remedy that. I look at the pool every day. And I just found out that I get wifi down here!

So I am currently writing poolside and enjoying a refreshing shandy (don’t tell anyone that has beer in it–all intoxicants are banned at the Shady Lady Pool).

I feel bad for the teenage eastern European girl who is the lifeguard. There are only so many senior citizens to check into the pool; to busy herself she just moves the patio furniture around. A chaise here, an umbrella there. I’d have drowned myself in the deep end by now.

OMG–speaking of drowning oneself–as I am writing this, an old dude just put on a full snorkel mask and is floating in the deep end. Like, just floating. He is seriously floating like William Holden in the opening of Sunset Boulevard. (Note to self–is Sunset Boulevard streaming? Answer: not for free, it isn’t).

OK, back to summer. I hate it. But I know that a lot of people love the 4th of July (crazy folk), so here is a special salad for you to bring to a patriotic shindig this week or to any other sort of backyard hootenanny that you may find yourself invited to this summer.

This is Blue Cheese Slaw from the Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book (1967).

This is a pretty standard recipe–cabbage, onion, mayo–until the end where it says “if desired, garnish with slices of hard-cooked egg and BOLOGNA RUFFLES.”



OMG. Yes.

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176. Hot Dog Pizza


It’s been like pulling teeth here, trying to get myself to sit down and write.

Actual footage of me trying to write

Meanwhile, Margot’s teeth have literally falling out.

Seriously. Teeth falling out.

So, sometimes after a nap, her tongue just sticks out.

It’s so damn cute.

And Brian has a chronic respiratory infection and is congested as fuck.

Oh the noises he makes! It’s like between a fart and a squeak and a wheeze and a snore. When he sleeps it sounds like he needs a CPAP.

It just sounds horrible. Really, really horrible.

This is the Sound…of Brian #poorkitty #cats_of_instagram

A post shared by Miss Yinzerella (@yinzerella) on

But otherwise he is operating as normal.

Except for his tendency to sneeze blood.

It’s fun.

And while I wipe up the blood off of my parquet floors, I always think, this must be what an episode of Dexter is like.

I’ve never seen Dexter. Which I need to remedy.

Here is Brian with his bloody nose and his weepy eye. Before you come at me with claims of pet neglect–the vet has said that this is just his new normal. He’s on maintenance antibiotics and we take him into the shower to “steam” daily.

I will add that to my to-do list!

  • vacuum
  • buy cat food
  • return green pants to Talbot’s
  • lose 10 pounds
  • take Mr. Sauce to get prescription sunglasses
  • finish season one of Westworld
  • learn Korean
  • buy birthday gift for mum
  • write 8 new blog posts
  • assemble bug-out bag
  • pay off mortgage
  • frame Hannibal recipe cards
  • watch all 96 episodes of Dexter.

But number 1 on list right now is to post about 176. Hot Dog Pizza.

We used hot dogs from The Meat Shack at Strohmer’s Farm in Woodstock, MD that we purchased in October. Please note, that I made this pizza in the fall. THAT IS HOW BEHIND I AM ON BLOGGING. 

It’s sad, really. I’m just going to blame Mr. Sauce for it because since he’s moved in, I’d rather hang out with him and the cats and watch tv and play Super NES.

But anyhoo–HOT DOG PIZZA.

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The Lost Family Virtual Dinner Party ft. 158. Beef Wellington

Welcome to The Lost Family Virtual Supper Club!

I am so happy to be one of the bloggers invited to celebrate the release of Jenna Blum’s latest novel, The Lost Family with a cookalong!

The book is a saga which revolves around Auschwitz survivor and restauranteur Peter Rashkin, his glamourous young wife, June, and their daughter Elsbeth. It’s filled with food, fashion, romance, secrets, sadness, heartbreak, scandal, and Nazis.

Spanning 3 decades, The Lost Family is written in three distinct parts, divided by decade, each one from the point of view of one of the main characters.

Because of this, I decided to cook three dishes–one for each segment.

The book opens in Fall, 1965 at Masha’s restaurant–where Peter Rashkin is the head chef.

The book included the menu:

And a review:

If the Brisket Wellington is good enough for Craig Claiborne, it’s good enough for me.

So for the 1960s, I decided to make the entire Dinner is Served card no. 158. Beef Wellington. I even threw a little dinner party (although nowhere near as epic as my Unofficial Mad Men Cook Book Party)!

Substitution time! I made horseradish mashed potatoes and a green salad with mandarin oranges, almonds, green onions, and poppy seed dressing. I ended the night with a Grasshopper Pie which will eventually be featured here at DiS1972!


To begin, I didn’t have any suet (kidney fat!) in my kitchen, so I used Crisco, an idea I got from this article from The Spruce Eats as a guide. Basically you freeze the Crisco, then grate the Crisco, and then freeze it again.

So it went onto the beef and into the oven.

And it looked pretty damn good.

Then I prepared the forcemeat.

I had to do some substitutes (of course) so in lieu of ground veal and pork I used meatball mix and for the cognac I substituted this super-old bottle of Reynac Pineau des Charentes.

Yeah, I never heard of it, either.

So everything went bye-bye into the fridge until the next evening.

This was nice because it meant that all I had to do was wrap the Wellington and bake it once my guests arrived.

My beef was only a little over 1.5 pounds, so I have no idea how you’d be able to cover an entire 2-2.5 lb roast with one package of crescent rolls. I had to work hard to get that baby burrito’ed there!

Anyhoo! 30 minutes later I had this!

And, yes, I totally schlepped that Galliano bottle (which belonged to my grandfather) all the way from Pittsburgh to Baltimore just to take this photo.

Because recreating the Dinner is Served 1972 cards is what I do. And I’M COMMITTED TO THE DINNER IS SERVED 1972 CARDS, GODDAMNIT!

So, how was it?

Well, I’m sure that it’s not a smidge like the Brisket Wellington served at Masha’s, but considering that I didn’t think I’d have an ounce of success with this, I totally impressed myself.

The good: the beef wasn’t overcooked. It was so frickin’ tender. And the crescent roll dough actually browned!

The bad: the bottom part of the dough was just soggy and blarg. And the mincemeat I found to be like a steamed, sweet, meatball.

But everyone ate theirs. Some even had second helpings!

I also know that the Wellington was a semi-success, because I already have in my head: this is what I’d change if I make this again….

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Well, it Looks Nice From the Outside…

Do you live in the Harrisburg area?

Do you happen to love staircases and wrought-iron railings? How about wallpaper? Do you dig wood paneling?

Do you have $300,00 lying around?

If so, I have the house for you!

Here’s what the listing agent has to say:

…Crafted of Valley Forge stone, this classic home boasts undeniable curb appeal and an unbelievably spacious interior with carefully maintained vintage details and knock-out features…unexpected finished like latticework room dividers, floor to ceiling stone fireplaces and accent walls, and built-ins are found throughout the sprawling 5000+ square feet… 

I do have to agree with the listing agent–all 5000+ square feet of this house are lousy with knock-out features.

Like the grand entrance:


I am totally knocked out by the dizzying patterned tile and spiraling staircases and all that latticework and wrought iron. Even more so when you add those Grecian statues and that deer head. Speaking of the deer head–what is that next to it? A woodland tableau? Looks like a fucking Cabela’s.

You like wood paneling?


Wood paneled walls for days.


More wood paneling. With bonus ugly curtains and a bizarre painting of a goat.

Speaking of paintings…

Don’t stare too closely at the old woman in the portrait–as she emerges from a sea of wallpaper, her eyes locked with yours. You recoil in horror and try to look away but you can’t.  Soon you have been sucked in as she EATS YOUR SOUL.

Also, that clock is insane.

But I am kinda digging this bathroom with its swag lamp and blue sinks:

BUT NOW. Brace yourself.

We descend the carpeted grand staircase, underneath the gold chandelier, past walls of Valley Forge stone, our hands gripping the twisted banister to the lower level.

Down, down, down we go…to find this:

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139. Tostada Dinner

Obligatory Cinco de Mayo post!!!

Does this even qualify as a tostada? How can this be considered a tostada?

A tostada is like a flat taco. Not Fritos with ground beef slathered on it. With this dish, the beef doesn’t even go on top of them. The chips are around them.

Speaking of the beef, the first 5 ingredients could definitely go meatloaf, but there is the addition of a small amount of chili powder. But chili powder does not a tostada make.

Lettuce, tomatoes, OK. But black olives? Black olives aren’t typically used in real Mexican food, are they? Maybe the sour cream could be a sub for Queso Crema, but I don’t know enough about Mexican cheeses to say that any are remotely like cheddar.

Avocados were tossed around left and right in the 70s, right? This isn’t even an attempt to be guacamole, it’s sliced like in a Cobb Salad.

This is not a tostada. This is a taco-ish salad. Which is something that I will never turn down. Funny how my last post was a taco dip. I guess I’m really feeling the faux Mexican now that spring has fully sprung.

Actually, here in Baltimore it’s just flat-out summer. 90 degree weather in in early May? Get the fuck out.

For the other elements of this dinner, I used vanilla pudding with raspberry jam and ginger snaps in lieu of sugar cookies. I mean, ginger snaps are far superior to the sugar cookie. I also axed the crusty rolls–there are already chips on the plate. Carbo load much, DiS1973?

Tomorrow have a very Happy Day of Mexican Cultural Appropriation Totally Manufactured by Corona Distributors!

I’m gonna go bust out the SkinnyGirl margaritas.

I can’t stop watching this. Sonja is the gift that keeps on giving

Remember kids, don’t fiesta and drive.




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The Potters’ Guild of Baltimore Cookbook Taco Dip

So last week I started watching The Wire with Mr. Sauce.

I was hesitant to watch it for so long because: Baltimore.

But I figured that after 8 years, I should finally watch it. It took me a few eps, but now I’m in it to win it.

I think this scene sealed the deal for me (warning–video has lots o’ swearing. And some boobs):


I’m really digging it–not just because of the compelling storytelling, or the character development, or Idris Elba (hey, boo)–it’s like a Where’s Waldo of Baltimore.

I’ve been there!

It’s that place!

I know that corner!

OH, I know where that is!

I got very excited during the scene where D’Angelo took his girl out for a fancy dinner because it was shot at The Prime Rib (which is my fave restaurant in the city. If you ever go, order the Cold Piney!)

But Baltimore, yes. That’s how I’m going to segue into this particular dish.

Mr. Sauce got this cookbook for me as a little present last year because: Baltimore.

I don’t know what year this is from, but based the cover on the inclusion of recipes such as “Boursin,” Bran Muffins, and Mushrooms Stuffed with Pesto, I’d say the very early 80s. I dunno, that reads 80s to me. But what do I know?



P.S. Lynn Perlin contributed nearly every single recipe in this cookbook

It’s Taco Dip! Continue reading

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172. Chicken Breasts, French Style


My friends, how I’ve missed you!  I’ve never neglected the blog for so many weeks at a time (I’m not going to count the last post).

Right now I’ll just blame my neglect on the fact that I have been busy moving Mr. Sauce into my apartment.

And I don’t remember much about 172, Chicken Breasts, French Style, so I’m going to tell you about the moving in and post a shit ton of gifs from The Real Housewives of NYC. 

Anyway! Yes, I am living with a boy.

Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

I never intended to have him move in. It started late summer when he basically stayed over one night and never left. Bit by bit, a suit here, a guitar there, Mr. Sauce’s things started to accumulate in my apartment.

He officially moved in last month.

I admit that it was difficult for me;

I never intended to ever have a man move in with me. It was hard (and at moments still is) to wrap my head around sharing my space, my closets, my drawers, my television viewing time.

I have internal mini rages whenever there are boxers and towels on the bathroom floor and paperwork strewn about my dining room table.

When there are little beard hairs all over the bathroom sink.

When the dishes are loaded in the washer without rinsing them first.

When the trash bag is just put in the trash can and not wrapped around the outside of the trash can. So when you put something in said bag, it just collapses in on itself and falls to the bottom of the can.

When I find Sheba cat food containers in the sink that have not been rinsed out and put in the recycling bin.

And a half-eaten pepperoni stick on the kitchen counter.****

Basically, whenever I feel like things are not being done the right way. Which, of course, is my way.

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Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

This card is from the 1973 series, and originally appeared on the blog on March 14, 2017.

I am sharing this not just because April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day, but because there is a GIANT update to this post.  I lived in my row house at the time and had battened down the hatches for a big snow storm that was on its way to Baltimore. 


So let’s go back to 13 months ago….

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Canada Box: Filet O’ Fish Sauce

It’s the first Friday of Lent (if you’re into that kind of thing). And since it’s the first Friday of Lent, I assume that those who do follow the teachings of Cathol are looking for a good Friday fish dish.

And so I give you my homemade Filet o’ Fish thanks to the McDonald’s Filet o’ Fish sauce from Canada Box!

Bun, frozen fish filets, fake-y American cheese, and Filet o’ Fish sauce = a legit Filet o’ Fish.

This was good. So good I had it again for dinner the next evening.

Do you see the glass in that photo?

Take a closer look:

Filet o’ Fish Lake! How adorable is that?

Little fish even kinda looks like a sandwich!

The little hooligans are totally disregarding the “No Swimming” sign and jumping into the lake.

As is Ronald McDonald, I suppose, although it looks more like he’s twerking. 

Yes, I googled Ronald McDonald Twerking.

Some of the results are fabulous.

But this is the best. It is a celebration of both Big Macs and booty.

Budda bap bap baaaaaap she lovin’ it.

Also, do you know what Lent means??? Shamrock Shake season is officially open!!!

I am filled with glee.

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