Bavarian Meatballs

This is me trying to connect this dish to Christmas somehow:

Bavarian Meatballs. Bavaria. What do they do in Bavaria? Drink beer. Eat sausage. There’s Alps. Snow. Ski lodge. Sweaters. Christmas sweaters. Oh, shit. Bavarian Christmas Markets!

How sweet does that look? I totally want to go to there.

I don’t know if they’d serve Bavarian Meatballs at a Bavarian Christmas market; but I doubt it, considering where I got this recipe:

blog november 006

Doubleday & Co. 1960

This cookbook is something else. It contains hundreds of ways to prepare ground beef. There are recipes to feed 100 people. And seven variations on Swedish meatballs. SEVEN.

Pray tell, why would I be making meatballs for 100 people? If I were catering a wedding?Feeding the Duggars?

Anyway, the author of this book, Doyne Nickerson, seems like one helluva interesting fellow. His jacket bio is among the best I’ve read:

blog november 009

blog november 011

A true Renaissance man!


This guy ate a shit-ton of hamburger. Three times a day? During the depression? Wasn’t everyone eating cabbage soup? How the hell did this guy get his hands on that much beef?

This book is a veritable meatball bounty.

blog november 008

And I do like a good meatball.

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Bisquick Impossible Bacon Pie

Another one bites the dust!

Granted, I made this back when Todd was still living in Baltimore (so, that means, yes, over the summer), but I just didn’t get to writing about it until now. Because I am a slacker. And not like in a cool Reality Bites kind of way–because I have a goddamned mortgage–I’m just intermittently lackadaisical when it comes to the blog (ok, my entire life) and this fell between the cracks.

That reminds me, I need to call the home warranty people because my dryer doesn’t dry. And two of the ceiling fans don’t work.


There’s been enough of these pies that you know the drill:


Thank you again. Click Americana.

So, really, this is just a Quiche Lorraine sans crust. Or–sorry, Bisquick people–it is a Quiche Lorriane that does the impossible by making its own crust almost like magic!

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with bacon, onion, and cheese. Amiright?

blog june 017blog june 021 blog june 022 blog june 023

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A Happy Holiday Idea: Hot Dr. Pepper (1965)


Bright as a holiday songfest? Warm and wonderful as a crackling fire? That does sound like a Happy Holiday Idea! via

Earlier this month I featured this 1965 Dr. Pepper advertisement on the Facebook page. It garnered a lot of attention; there were a lot of ‘likes’ and a lot of varying opinions about whether Hot Dr. Pepper was delicious or disgusting. It apparently was a thing in the 60s.

Here are some sample comments:

Shari said, “It’s really good. Especially with the lemon slice. We used to drink this all the time in the winter.”

Carole said, “My boyfriend only drinks diet Dr. Pepper. Last year he had the flu and wanted a hot drink but doesn’t drink tea or coffee. So he looked online and found hot Dr. Pepper. I made him some. He almost swore off Dr. Pepper for life. I didn’t have the courage to try it.”

Kelly said, “Adding bourbon makes Dr. Pepper taste like prune juice.”

Cindy said, “They used to serve this at the football games where we lived in north Florida. I was only 4 or 5, but I remember liking it!”

Teri said, “I can recall shopping one Saturday in the late 70’s with my mom when I was offered a Hot Dr. Pepper. I drank the sample cup and then blew massive chunks right there in the store. Try at your own risk.”

That story settled it. I had to make it!

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Bisquick Impossible Cheesecake Pie

Since it looks as though I may never complete the DiS! card set, I might as well meet some of the goals I’ve made for myself–so I am plowing through the Impossible Pie recipes before the end of the year.

I made this Bisquick pie for a party over the summer.

Yes, you heard that right. I made it this summer.

But whatever. It’s done. And with much better results than the Impossible Brownie Pie (thank you, sweet baby Jesus).

impossible cheesecake recipe

I am all about anything with cheese, so here I was hopeful. There are TWO packages of cream cheese in this thing!

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Bisquick Impossible Brownie Pie

December 8 is (was) National Brownie Day!

Please accept my apology for this late post, but I went home this weekend for “Thanksgiving.” On actual Thanksgiving, I was in Baltimore at a Friendsgiving and my parents, bro, and SIL were in NYC with SIL’s family.

So I was busy this weekend. We got our Christmas tree and decorated it. I also made a very special soup for “Thanksgiving” which I hope to get to you soon, and also share with you the hors d’ouerves that I made for Friendsgiving.

But to the brownies! In my quest to make all of the Impossible Pies, I now present to you, Impossible Brownie Pie.

brownie impossible pie

Courtesy of

This recipe sounds pretty damn simple. And based on my success with all of the other Impossible Pies, I assumed this, too, would be a winner. So I made this for a dessert party that we had in honor of one of my co-worker’s retirement.

Let’s see how this went down.

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Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book: Whipped Butters

I know, you’re probably thinking. It’s December, why are you sharing a recipe from a barbecue cookbook?

Well, kittens, these are an absolute treat. And they can be enjoyed anytime of the year. These are flavored, whipped butters that are equally delicious on steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, or any sort of vegetable. I bet you can find some way to integrate them into your holiday season celebrations!

These recipes are from the Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book (1967). Which I did not take a picture of. Nor did I add it to my Cookbook Collection Page.

So sue me.

I’ll get to it eventually.

Here are the recipes:


horseradish and anise butter recipes

Pictures after the jump!

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Pittsburgh Turkey Devonshire Sandwich

Got turkey?

I got a great way for you to use up some of your Thanksgiving leftovers. That is, if you like bacon and cheese sauce. And who doesn’t (aside from our kosher and lactose intolerant friends)?

Saints Cyril & Methodius CookbookWhen “sandwich” and “Pittsburgh” are mentioned in the same sentence, the infamous Primanti Bros. sandwich is what comes to mind (yes, that’s the one with the french fries). But the Turkey Devonshire is a Pittsburgh original, too! (I have written about the sandwich before back in 2011)

I used the following recipe from the Saints Cyril & Methodius 75th Anniversary Jubilee Polish/American Cookbook (1985). I did some research to find the date the book was published. The church opened in McKees Rocks, PA in 1910; but, sadly, like a lot of other Catholic churches in and around Pittsburgh, they closed their doors in 1993 and merged with six other parishes.

Here is the recipe (courtesy of Ms. Eillen Over):

retro turkey devonshire recipe

But I don’t know if you noticed there–the recipe mentions whisking milk and broth to make the sauce, but doesn’t note how much. So I had to find another recipe to fill in the blanks.

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Liberace’s Thanksgiving

Us at Dinner is Served (and by ‘us’ I mean Brian and me) want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. And really there is no better way to do so than this little gem of a video, the Thanksgiving episode of The Liberace Show (1954).

For no other reason, you want to watch it just because good ol’ Lee serenades a turkey.

A live turkey.

And then the turkey dances.

A real, live turkey dances!

Seriously, I shit you not.

If you think I am lying, click HERE to see one of the greatest Thanksgiving television specials ever.

Eat it, Charlie Brown.





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Better Homes & Gardens Vegetable Cookbook: Spinach Delicious

vegetable cook bookThanksgiving is fast approaching! Were you invited to a last-minute Friendsgiving and need to bring a dish? Did you burn the green bean casserole and need a quick substitution?

Well, I’ve got a perfect dish for you. You probably already have all of the ingredients in your refrigerator. It’s Spinach Delicious!

I made this last year to go with the Stuffed Beef Heart and it was a big hit (especially with Todd)–but I forgot to take a picture of it, so I didn’t include it. I actually forgot to post about it twice. But anyhoo, by popular demand, here is the recipe for Spinach Delicious from the Better Homes & Gardens Vegetable Cook Book. 

blog november 001

Really, this couldn’t be any easier. This is done in all of 10 minutes.

spinach delicious

I liken it to a lighter, simpler alternative to traditional creamed spinach. With a bit of a kick (a full 2 tbsp of horseradish! BH&G, you’re crazy!).

Here it is with two of my favorite things–broiled lamb chops and twice-baked potatoes:

lamb chop with spinach and potato

It ain’t fancy. But it’s yummy.  And would go will with all types of meat. I highly recommend this little dish.

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen, but please keep Spinach Delicious in mind on Thanksgiving in case any vegetable emergencies arise.

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Bisquick Impossible Seafood Pie

Another Impossible Pie.

People, I am dead serious about finishing these damn things by the end of this year. As God as my witness, I will complete all 12 of the pies from the “No Time to Cook” booklet!



And I guess that is an accurate title for the book–I’ve made at least half of these. And they are all pretty damn easy.

Let’s see how we did with the Impossible Seafood Pie, shall we?impossible seafood pie recipe

I used fake crab because I had a package in my freezer. And, why would I use really decent crab in a Bisquick recipe? (No offense, Betty Crocker!)

seafood pie ingredients

Believe it or not, those are scallions and not leeks!

I also chose the shredded Mild Cheddar, because, although SHARP American cheese may have existed in 1982, I don’t think it does now.

Anyway, I had a good feeling about this because it was all ingredients that I like. Crab? Good. Green onions? Good. Cheddar? Good. Cream Cheese? Hell yeah!

So, here are pictures of the Impossible Pie, Step By Step (don’t make me unleash NKOTB on you again).

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