Yinz Sound Like Jagoffs

It’s official.

Yinzer, a.k.a. the official language of Pittsburgh, has been voted the


I am oddly proud.

Here is a fabulous example of the horrendous accent:

As is this:

I chose this Pittsburgh Dad one because I will be making a sojourn to IKEA this weekend–for my new hause n’at. I don’t need a cauch, but I will prolly get some meatbawls. And I want the giant print of the Pixburgh skyline to hang behind my cauch and pretend I’m doin the news wit Sally Wiggin.

That video made me laugh so hard.

I really want a hoagie right now.

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Orioles Magic Cheese Ball

You remember that time Elaine wore the Orioles hat to the Yankees game?

So, did ya hear that the Baltimore Orioles have made it to the American League Championship Series?

Baltimore is buzzing with excitement over the prospect of the team making it to the World Series. The city is awash in orange (even the Ravens’ football stadium). Everyone is wearing jerseys and tees and showing their civic (ok, baseball) pride.

On Sunday, for the game that ended a 3-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers, I was invited to go down to southern Maryland for a watch party.

Everyone was to wear orange and bring an orange food, so for this little Orioles-themed shindig I decided to make a cheese ball. I would have made an orange Jell-O, but all of my molds are already packed.

I’m rather fond of the cheese ball; I’ve made them before. And it gave me a chance to clean out some stuff that was already in my fridge.

In fact, the only thing that I had to buy was a block of cream cheese.

cheese ball ingredients


So, the ingredients were (in all their vague glory):

  • 8 oz block of cream cheese
  • the remainder of a tub of pimiento cheese spread
  • the remainder of a jar of sliced pimentos
  • the remainder of an 8oz bag of shredded mild cheddar
  • some cheese from a block of Red Fox Leicester Cheddar (delicious, btw)
  • a splash of beer
  • some grated horseradish
  • some mustard
  • poppy seeds

I think that’s it. Anyway, I threw it all in the mixer.

cheese ball mix

And it came out like this:

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Brian & Britney


 I have been slacking on the blog-front because I’m kinda busy. Like, super-busy.

Do you see that giant pile of crap behind Britney?

Those are boxes.

Why are there so many boxes, you ask…?

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Yorkshire Chicken

DSCN0593Happy Autumn!

The Equinox has come and gone and we are enjoying some very fall-like weather here in Maryland. There is a definite chill in the air, as well as lots of rain.

It’s an absolutely perfect time for comfort food. And I think that casseroles, particularly chicken casseroles, are extra comfy.

This Yorkshire Chicken recipe comes from the cookbook Favorite Recipes from the Outer Banks Woman’s Club.


Nothing weird here. The only thing that I did in the way of substitution was swap out Poultry Seasoning for the ground sage. Because I didn’t have sage. And in the milk mix I put in dried parsley and dried thyme. But aside from that, I followed Ms. Barbara Sherman’s recipe to the T.

Yeah, electric skillet!

DSCN0595 DSCN0594

It’s amazing how close to a fried chicken it turned out like at this point. I might have to remember to do this little shake n’ bake technique with some smaller pieces of chicken and see if I can get them cooked all the way through.

DSCN0596 DSCN0597 DSCN0598

I baked it closer to 1 hr 20 minutes because, you know, apartment oven.

This is how stupid I am–I thought that somehow this would end up being a gravy and not a bread. But–hell-O?!?! It’s Yorkshire. Like, as in Yorkshire pudding? Of course this would be exactly what it was:

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Impossible Cheeseburger Pie

My quest to complete all twelve Impossible Pie recipes from The Bisquick “No Time to Cook” Recipe Book rolls on with Impossible Cheeseburger Pie.

Plus, this dish is apropos because today is one of the best days of the year: National Cheeseburger Day!

impossible cheeseburger pie

Courtesy of our friends at ClickAmericana.com

And really, this Impossible Pie is just as one would imagine it would be: ground beef and cheese (which, let’s face it, is the base for the majority of these).

I made this pie on a random weeknight for myself with the intent to just eat the leftovers for the rest of the week. For lunches and dinners.

Which I did.

Which is maybe why I need to lose about 5 pounds. Like, STAT.

I mean, this ain’t the most health-conscious of meals. But it is cheap. And it is easy.

Much like yours truly.

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34. Herb Broiled Chicken

I am chicken.

Well, I made chicken, yes.

Specifically this dinner, 34. Herb Broiled Chicken. But I am chicken, as well.



Lemme explain.

meatball bounty

Meatball extravaganza!

It was about this time last year I was dating Mr. Buckeye. Do you remember Mr. Buckeye? He was the meatball guy. From that BH&G Cooking for Two, there was the Double Up and Divide section, so I made 48 meatballs, which were then meted out in 4 different dinners: Meatballs Stroganoff, Oven Meatballs in Barbecue Sauce, Meatballs in Sauerbraten Sauce, and Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Sadly, we will never know how the spaghetti and meatballs were. This is why…

Things were going swimmingly with Mr. Buckeye–we’d see each other about twice a week. We’d go out to dinner, watch Ohio State games and NFL games together, shoot guns (yes, shoot guns). He would make me breakfast. I both dropped him off and picked him up at the airport. The airport pick up is a big thing, amiright? I even watched NASCAR with him. NASCAR!

We saw a lot of each other. It was fun. Easy. And he was really easy on the eyes. Like, super-easy on the eyes (think young, hot, Alec Baldwin). I am not kidding you, kittens. The little bitch was a looker.

So I thought: OMG, I kinda have a boyfriend! And then: Do I have a boyfriend? It sure seems like I have a boyfriend. 

The night before Thanksgiving (we were going to a Thanksgiving dinner together), I prepped root vegetables to be roasted the next day and he baked an apple pie (how cute is that? He even wore an apron).

After doing all the baking and prepping, we sat on the couch and drank scotch. He showed me on his phone a picture of something or other (probably his dog) and the phone scrolled down to a text conversation between him and his mother. I caught the words: Her name is Crystal. She’s a waitress, but I see real potential there.

Me (like an idiot): Are you trying to get this girl a job?

Him (talking to me like the idiot that I am): No, babe, I’m dating her.


Exsqueezeme? Baking powder?

What the ever-loving fuck?

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GIF of the Week (one day early)

I don’t know why decided to start doing these on Fridays. Oh, no, that’s right, it’s because I’m lazy and can’t find the motivation and/or time to write as of late.

And, yes, I know it’s not Friday, but in anticipation of tonight’s Steelers vs Ravens game, I thought I’d share this gem from last week’s game:

antonio drop kick

I don’t think this will never not be funny. It was like a Mortal Kombat finishing move.

I actually rank this right up there with The Butt Fumble.


OK, nothing will ever be as funny as that. I’ve been giggling like a lunatic at this since I typed “butt fumble” into Google.

Although this may be close:

Nah, The Butt Fumble is still better.

If you’re watching the game tonight, enjoy! And GO STEELERS!




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12. Lamb and Eggplant Bake

The good? This dinner. This was actually a very yummy dinner.

The bad? This dinner.

Why? Becausee this was the last DiS! dinner that I had with Leah and Todd.

No, nothing bad happened–actually a lot of good happened–they relocated to their beloved Columbus, Ohio to go be adult, married people and eventually have babies and shit.

But before they went (well, Leah went first back in May), I had to make one last dinner. And I chose this one because I could do a lot of it ahead of time. So we could hang out more and stuff.

DSCN0590[1]DSCN0589[1]Look at all the *May be prepared early in the day and refrigerated.

Let’s get to everything I did earlier that day…

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Joan Rivers’ Toast


Joan Rivers Toast

I can’t be sure, but this might be from “Made With Love: The Meals on Wheels Family Cookbook.”

This recipe sounds like a winner. Especially the holiday version.

Joan was a brassy, brash, resilient, smart, funny, ballsy broad with no fucks to give (and she liked big jewelry). She’s definitely one of my role models.

I want to grow up and be this awesome (Birkin bag and shiny scarf included):


I want to share a clip of her from The Ed Sullivan Show back in 1967. Here she talks about being a single gal:

I feel you, girl. Except for the bit about Howard Johnson’s. I’d be thrilled to go to the HoJo’s.

You’ll be missed, Joan. Thanks for all the laughs.

I hope the first thing she said to St. Peter at the pearly gates  was “who are you wearing?”



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GIF of the Week!

No, scratch that. This is a GIF for the AGES!



A cat emerging from a pepperoni pizza hatch? I can watch this for hours.

Also, the cat looks almost exactly like Brian.

For realsies.

brian da cat


Everyone, enjoy your holiday weekend! See yinz guys next week!



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