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I Made Milk Chicken So You Don’t Have To

You know this card. It has been passed around the internet again and again and again. It inevitably ends up on lists of bad retro foods. And rightfully so! Look at that gravy–it’s like someone poured a vat of plaster on those chickens and … Continue reading

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Yi’s Green Bean Casserole

Holy crap. Can you believe that we’re a month away from Thanksgiving? I can’t. I really can’t. October has gone by in the blink of an eye. But anyway, we are fast approaching Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. I adore it … Continue reading

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15. Pork Chops Florentine

Kittens, this dinner, #15, you wanna know how long ago I made this? I made it back in February to commemorate the 2-year anniversary of Dinner is Served! 1972, and my 2 year anniversary with Brian! That’s a loooong time … Continue reading

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Wiener Wednesday: Sausage in Biscuits

This week’s recipe comes from Better Homes & Gardens Meat Cookbook (1971 edition) Sausage in Biscuits! That sounds tasty. Sausage: good. Biscuits: very good. Kinda like Nic’s British Sausage Rolls–which are just little pockets of heaven. But then you get … Continue reading

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