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71. Seafood Crepes

The march to the end of DiS! 1972 continues with 71. Seafood Crepes. And it is a march because I want to get all of these done by March 1st and I am rather without inspiration. And I have no … Continue reading

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89. Barbecued Chicken (With Plum Baste)

Hello, kittens! Today I’m sharing with you a DiS card that I made–well, I don’t know how long ago it was! Here is an action shot of Rick grilling the chicken: The grass is green and we’re grilling, sooooo, it … Continue reading

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Playboy Champagne Sherbet Punch

The birthday party rolls on! I made a punch for my birthday. Because of course I did. This recipe is from the Playboy Host & Bar Book by Thomas Mario (1971 edition). Angostura bitters? Check. But the Safeway didn’t have … Continue reading

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Ice Cream-Cake Roll

Now for the highlight of my Easter dinner: The Ice Cream-Cake Roll. Now, So-Good Meals Meals Men Like It’s Lamb Night! provided a recipe to make an Ice Cream-Cake Roll from scratch. And in that recipe it specifically said to … Continue reading

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