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109. Eggs Bechemel

I love that there are brunch cards in the DiS! set. Why? Because when else is it socially acceptable–nay expected!–to start drinking at noon? Only at brunch! Well, and also maybe at football tailgating, but that’s not in my wheelhouse. … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Fried Jumbo Sandwich

So, the other day I was internet stalking one of my dates*** and I decided to Google myself. Well, that’s an interesting experience. If you do a Google image search for me, I am a wide variety of retro recipe cards, … Continue reading

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Leftover Corned Beef Casserole (Reuben Loaf)

I already made Haluski to use up all of the leftover cabbage from St. Patrick’s Day, but I still had a lot of corned beef left, too. I wanted to do a casserole, but I also wanted to make a … Continue reading

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It’s National Peanut Butter Day! I love me some peanut butter. Did you know that it is most excellent on vanilla ice cream? It’s true. When I was a kid there was a chubby little girl in my neighborhood who … Continue reading

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