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Cher’s Hawaiian Meatballs

It’s Cher’s 69th birthday! Now, last year I posted Cher’s recipe for Hawaiian Meatballs American Style; this year I decided to make them! “Willowy recording artist and TV personality.” I love that. And of course now we can add, Academy Award … Continue reading

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Oh Hell NOKCupid

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  The last time I treated you to tales of my dating woe was The DejaDate back in March. I know how much you love hearing about my OKCupid dates, so I opened my good ol’ … Continue reading

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Yinzerella Comes Alive!

Or whatnot. Long story short, I was sick of seeing other people pop up with my oh-so-fantastic name. So yes, random person, you can have the blogspot. And yes, random WTAE anchor, you can call yourself a Yinzerella on your … Continue reading

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56. Sukiyaki

Hold on a second. Haven’t we seen this card before? Um. yeah we have! This ad appears on the “About Dinner is Served!” page. Check it: That was a little bit of Deja Vu, amiright? Speaking of Deja Vu, have you … Continue reading

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Hot Cross Buns

What the hell is with those lyrics? How about: who cares of you have kids? Just buy yourself a bun? Well, at least that’s what I’d be thinking. And why do the girls get first dibs on the buns? Hm. Questions … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, James Spader!

Screw Ducky. Screw Blane. (His name is Blane? Blane?) Can we all just agree that Andie should have ended up with Steff in Pretty in Pink? Well, he’d be my pick. Maybe I’m such a fan of Less Than Zero … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Nicolas Cage!

OK, I am one day late. And for that I feel ashamed. I should really know that yesterday was Mr. Cage’s birthday. Just like I know that today is Elvis’. I had an Elvis post in mind for today (I … Continue reading

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Friday Fluff

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy working on another writing project and just out and about and having fun–gallivanting about Baltimore. So I don’t have anything for you today food-wise. When I put it … Continue reading

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Wiener Wednesday: Dried Beef Log

Okay. I am well-aware that this isn’t a wiener dish. But the Thanksgiving holiday has totally messed with my blogging schedule since I was out of town for a week. You should be happy that there is a Wiener Wednesday … Continue reading

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“What Am I, Chopped Liver?” Chopped Liver

Granted, I’ve only been in the online dating game less than a month, but I just got back from my worst online-dating-date ever. Oh, yes. Newsflash, kittens: I’m out cruising in cyberspace. I’m very 21st century. I didn’t plan on blogging … Continue reading

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