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#FoodInFilm “Bye Bye Birdie” Pink Champagne

So, Jenny over at Silver Screen Suppers informed me that there is another little blogathon going on this weekend. This time, focusing on food that appears in–or is inspired by–a film. Hence, the fitting hashtag #FoodInFilm. Well, that’s right up … Continue reading

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127. Pork Ribs and Apple Rings

Today is October 10 and it is currently 82 degrees out. At 5:30pm. I am sick of this bullshit. It’s supposed to be fall now. I want it to be fall so desperately that I am making an apple-pork dish … Continue reading

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Jon Voight’s Artichokes, California-Style

Round ’em up, little dogies! National Day of the Cowboy is July 24th! In honor of the occasion, Greg over at Recipes For Rebels (also the name of his James Dean-themed cookbook) decided to host an ol’ fashioned cook-along blog-along … Continue reading

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Happy 30th Birthday, Pretty in Pink!

How old does that make you feel? Yeah, this month, thirty years ago, Pretty in Pink premiered. Of all the John Hughes films, Pretty in Pink is my favorite. And not just because of James Spader’s portrayl of Steff: It … Continue reading

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OK, this post is totally random (but it’s my blog and I can write about whatever the hell I want to); one of the little news tidbits I heard today was that Brittany Murphy’s final movie is being released—more than … Continue reading

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Beverage Bonus: The Mary Pickford

It’s snowing again here. But only a few inches. Not enough for cancellation. Or delay (I really could have gone for a delay–I stayed up too late watching season 1 of Hannibal in anticipation of its return on Friday night. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, James Spader!

Screw Ducky. Screw Blane. (His name is Blane? Blane?) Can we all just agree that Andie should have ended up with Steff in Pretty in Pink? Well, he’d be my pick. Maybe I’m such a fan of Less Than Zero … Continue reading

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Cherry Chocolate Pie

I haven’t posted about a dessert in a long time–so who is ready for something sweet? I made this dish to cap off the dinner that I will present in the upcoming Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong. You’re excited, right? Chocolate … Continue reading

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Impossible Lasagna Pie

My darlings! I am so sorry that I’ve been AWOL. I went on a week-long vacation at the end of September with my mum’ and between recovering from my trip and catching up on work, I have neglected the blog. … Continue reading

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Friday Fluff

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy working on another writing project and just out and about and having fun–gallivanting about Baltimore. So I don’t have anything for you today food-wise. When I put it … Continue reading

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