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Hannibal Lecter’s Beef Tongue w. Horseradish

Hello again! It’s been a week since election day and what a shit week it’s been. I didn’t take the election too well (understatement), work is all shades of meh, and both Brian and Margot have fleas! So for the … Continue reading

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Mexican Sherry Gelatin Dessert

Hola, kittens! Today on my youtube channel I posted a brand-spankin’ new video. In it I make a packet of sherry-flavored gelatin and try my hand at solo shooting and editing. Please be kind–I’m rusty and youtube is really basic. … Continue reading

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Jon Voight’s Artichokes, California-Style

Round ’em up, little dogies! National Day of the Cowboy is July 24th! In honor of the occasion, Greg over at Recipes For Rebels (also the name of his James Dean-themed cookbook) decided to host an ol’ fashioned cook-along blog-along … Continue reading

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Velveeta South of the Border Dip

Hello, darlings. I threw myself a big birthday party! And I made a ton of dishes from my cookbook collection for the occasion. It was a hefty spread and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. But I … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Shirley Jones’ Mexicali Corn Casserole

For Memorial Day this year I went to not 1–but 2 Memorial Day barbecues. This is what I chose to make for the second party, to accompany hamburgers on the grill. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 1984 … Continue reading

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Impossible Quesadilla (that’s kay-seh-dee-yah) Pie

So, it’s not KWAY-suh-dill-uh? Damn. Because that’s how I’ve been saying it for years. I think you all know that I love a good Impossible Pie. So I have declared yet another Resolution for 2014: make all of the Impossible … Continue reading

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Emily’s Star Market Guacamole

Hey kittens! I know that I’ve been AWOL this week. But things have been super-busy at work and I’ve just been a little social butterfly. Since we last kiki’ed: Mr. Buckeye and I went out on Saturday night to imbibe … Continue reading

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Brian sends you taco kisses and margarita dreams.

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Wiener Wednesday: Chihuahua

Hola! Welcome to Wiener Wednesdays, my darlings! I’ve had guests for the past 2 weekends so I really haven’t had time to cook (faux McRib notwithstanding). I haven’t had time to grocery shop, either. So for this week’s Wiener Wednesday … Continue reading

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Impossible Taco Pie

I love anything with a superlative in its name. Especially anything called Impossible. Couple that with the phrase Taco PieĀ and you’ve got a simply irresistible dish. Seriously, I love Mexican food. Especially at-home Americanized Mexican food. There’s really not a … Continue reading

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