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Canada Box: McChicken Sauce

“McDonald’s uses a secret sauce with a cult following you didn’t know existed”  True. I didn’t know that it existed. But now I do. It’s McChicken sauce. From Canada. Now, domestic McChickens are slathered with regular ol’ mayo, but all … Continue reading

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Canada Box: Big Mac Sauce

Back in October, I found out that McDonald’s Big Mac sauce was available in bottles. But only in Canada. I expressed my disappointment on my Facebook page and DiS!1972-fan Alicia offered to send me Big Mac sauce as well as … Continue reading

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Me & McRib: A Love Story

An amazing thing happened to me this weekend. I ATE A McRIB! How did this happen considering that the powers that be didn’t bring the McRib to the greater Baltimore metropolitan area…?

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Online Dating Year in Review

Happy New Year! You asked for it–ok, no one asked for it–but based on your comments it seems like you all really get your jollies from my romantical follies (oh, I love rhyming!), so here is a quick rundown of … Continue reading

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Homemade McRib (yes, you read that correctly)

Have I told you that I like the McRib? Let me rephrase that. Have I told you that I love the McRib? If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you definitely aware. But for those of you who are … Continue reading

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