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24-Hour Salad

I plucked a grey hair out of my left eyebrow this morning. This surprised me; although it should not, considering┬áthat for over five years, I dye my hair, not for fun, but out of necessity (I am sitting with light … Continue reading

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Happy National Cereal Day!

My favorite “kids’ cereal” was Lucky Charms. I mean, duh, they’re magically delicious! But I believe that┬áLucky Charms were so much better when it was just pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes (horseshoes … Continue reading

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Watergate Salad

You might know this dish by other names: ambrosia, Pistachio Delight, green stuff–but I prefer Watergate Salad because, well, hello, all that Watergate shit went down in 1972! Watergate Salad is definitely a party dish, and, lucky for me, I … Continue reading

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66. Carbonnade of Beef

Dinner is Served! you are a liar. Or, if not a liar, then very uninformed and poorly researched. I, having never tasted a carbonnade, wanted to do a background check on it. This sounded French to me. And I was … Continue reading

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50. Lamb Curry

Let me tell you a little story about me and curry. Imagine it–Pittsburgh, 1999. I had never eaten Indian food (my parents, at this time not being the most adventurous eaters, never ate Indian, so in turn I had never … Continue reading

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45. Baked Ham With Raisin Sauce

Note: this meal contains my first foray into gelatin molds. I really enjoy a good baked ham so I approached this card with both anticipation and trepidation. You see, my mum’s Christmas Eve ham is the stuff of legend. Partly … Continue reading

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