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Jo Funkhouser’s Punch (1966)

It’s been a while. Because I’ve been super-busy. And maybe because everything just went to shit! In the first part of November Brian and Margot got fleas. The fleas then somehow turned into Brian peeing on things. This is basically … Continue reading

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Christmas Parade Party Buffet!

A Christmas post, kittens! This year I had a party for the Christmas parade because it goes through my neighborhood. ALL THREE HOURS OF IT. I shit you not. It was like the Macy’s Day parade. But with meth addicts and … Continue reading

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Liberace Day?

According to THIS website, today is LIBERACE DAY. Now, it’s not his birthday, because that’s on May 16 (remember? I did an entire week of Liberace-inspired dishes). So why would today of all days be Liberace Day? Oh, who cares? … Continue reading

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Liberace’s Thanksgiving

Us at Dinner is Served (and by ‘us’ I mean Brian and me) want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. And really there is no better way to do so than this little gem of a video, the Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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The Only 4th of July GIF You Will Ever Need

I think that even in context this would make little sense: But who cares? Stars and stripes, indeed! Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! Be careful with the booze and the firecrackers.  

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Liberace Special 15-Minute Eggs

We’ve made it! It’s officially Liberace’s Birthday! And for it, I present to you his most-famous dish. I think of this as Liberace’s “single girl special” because it is simple, quick, and you probably have all of the necessary ingredients … Continue reading

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Beverage Bonus: The Liberace

This is a Throwback Thursday of sorts. I was sick yesterday, so I was home, high on Dayquil and napping. I thought that it would be a good time to start watching House of Cards, but WOW that knocked me … Continue reading

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Liberace’s Chicken Liver and Caper Canape

Liberace Week rolls on! I love the way this recipe sounds. There’s almost a lilting melody to it. Say it out loud: Liberace’s Chicken Liver and Caper Canape! But before I get to the recipe, I want to point out … Continue reading

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Liberace’s Caviar Cheese Dip

Liberace Cooks!, the awesome 1970 cookbook by Carol Truax, is divided into seven chapters, one for each of the dining rooms in his mansion (well, there are eight chapters if you include “Sauces, Sauces Everywhere”). Chapter VI, Room with a View, … Continue reading

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Impossible Green Bean Pie (My 300th Post!)

You know what seems utterly impossible? The fact that I’ve posted on this damn thing 300 times! The green bean pie? Well, that was a piece of cake. Or, um, pie. Whatever. Like all the other Impossible Pies in the … Continue reading

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