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24-Hour Salad

I plucked a grey hair out of my left eyebrow this morning. This surprised me; although it should not, considering┬áthat for over five years, I dye my hair, not for fun, but out of necessity (I am sitting with light … Continue reading

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82. Chicken Breasts (With Prosciutto and Mushrooms)

So, you know that weekend that Todd and Leah came in for a wedding and I made them the Broiled Filet of Sole brunch on Saturday morning? Well, this is how insane I am: while they were at that wedding … Continue reading

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Wiener Wednesday: Chicago Dog

On the recommendation of my friend Food Blog John, proprietor of the excellent Food & Wine Hedonist, I made a Chicago Dog for this week’s frank. Having never been to Chicago, I had not sampled a Chicago Dog, so I … Continue reading

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