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Cher’s Hawaiian Meatballs

It’s Cher’s 69th birthday! Now, last year I posted Cher’s recipe for Hawaiian Meatballs American Style; this year I decided to make them! “Willowy recording artist and TV personality.” I love that. And of course now we can add, Academy Award … Continue reading

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Cher’s Meatballs

It’s Cher’s birthday! And in honor of this special day, I am sharing the recipe for one of her own dishes. It’s from this cookbook: (I totally want a copy!) Although this recipe could have just as easily come from … Continue reading

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Happy National Mai Tai Day!

Aloha, darlings! It might be National Mai Tai Day, but why limit ourselves to just one island delight? The Tiki Lounge is open! Pick your poison and order up in the comments–I want a Pina Passion.  It comes in a fresh … Continue reading

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3. Chicken With Pineapple

Weeknight dinner! And one that nearly killed me (figuratively! Don’t worry–I didn’t set myself on fire). The preparation of this meal wiped me out. While I was making #3 I washed 2 loads of laundry, baked a cake, and wrote … Continue reading

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